2018 was a pretty remarkable year for Uniglobe Gemini and the miraculous 12 months were topped off when we were awarded the title of Business Travel Agent of 2018. This was a commendation to reward the whole Gemini team for their devotion to providing each of our clients with exemplary customer service and the evening was a fantastic experience for all involved.

Not least our very own Lisa Budd won the Operations Manager of the Year award for her tremendous organisation, professionalism and leadership abilities which she has continuously demonstrated throughout her time within the Gemini team.

We would of course like to thank the governing body, Uniglobe, who so honourably presented us with the award, but most of all we would like to express our fondest gratitude to our clients, whose feedback we are sure in no small part contributed to us receiving the two titles of recognition.

To reflect that sentiment we’d like to direct your attention to a recent survey that we asked our customer base to fill out. We sent them a series of questions, in order to gain an insight into how we could potentially improve our travel management team’s services, and this was their reply:

Customer Service Questionnaire  

The first question we posed to our customers was what they would rate our overall service. A stunning 97% referred to their experience working with Uniglobe Gemini as ‘Excellent’. 93% of our customers, who were surveyed, also revealed that they would recommend Uniglobe Gemini’s travel management to their peers. When asked if they were in consistent communication and had a good relationship with their respective travel manager, 95% of our customers responded positively.

The penultimate question which appeared on the survey sent out, was regarding the breadth of choice customers were given when they were using Uniglobe Gemini’s bespoke travel management package. 93% of customers stated that they were offered options and alternatives after their initial booking inquiry. The final probing enquiry was in regards to complaints and whether they were resolved quickly. 98% of all respondents said that their complaints were dealt with in a timely manner.

At Uniglobe Gemini, we have access to some of the most sophisticated travel and reporting technologies, to ensure that even the most stringent of business requirements can be met. Through a series of consultations, we’ll be able to understand and optimise your business’s spend management, cost saving and overall frugality when it comes to booking corporate trips.

If you would like to make use of Uniglobe Gemini’s business travel management services, feel free to enter your contact details on our website, or alternatively you can contact a member of our team based at our head office in London on 01784 254850.

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