What is a TMC?

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TMC or Travel Management Company is a business that gives you the facilities to book and mange your companies travel. A Travel Agent for businesses if you like. A really good TMC does a lot more than simply enabling you to book travel.

What does a TMC do?

Takes the hassle out of booking and administering travel with automated processes. UNIGLOBE Travel will:

Provide professional booking tools and processes

Tools that enable you or your travellers to quickly and easily book business travel within the rules and expectations of your company. Self booked or with a travel expert. Tools that give those that need it, visibility, control and comfort that trips are travel policy compliant, justified and approved as necessary. Tools that search everywhere so you don’t have to. Tools that access content from favourite vendors like Expedia, Booking.com, Global Air Fare’s, NDC Fares, hotel, car and transport aggregators. Peace of mind that the price is right. Tools that enable you to build your complete trip in a shopping basket  then select your options to seamlessly book.  All details, loyalty cards and payment automatically done. Traveller, happy. Accounts, happy. The boss, happy.

Provide easy administration and payment solutions.

Solutions to minimise the workload of Accounts departments, bookers and travellers. Remove complicated reconciliations, one monthly payment. Tracking of unused travel with automatic refunds of eligible bookings. Capture all the important data you need (Cost centres, PO numbers, Project codes etc.)

Provide actionable reports and analysis

Flat PDF or Excel reports that simply detail what has passed are useless. Modern travel management is about live data that can be interrogated and analysed to discover savings, influence behaviour and guide travel policy. This is what drives savings on your travel spend.

Provide expert support and account management 24/7

Everyone needs an expert. Knowledgeable people that say “yes” empowered to get things done. Avoid call centres and computers that say “No”

Support Sustainability

Support for Carbon offsetting and environmental data.

Duty of care to your employees

They are fully supported during trips, the company will access care features and information.

Why should I use a TMC?

Consumer travel websites do not go deep enough or provide the flexibility a business travel program needs.

Professional tools combine those consumer sites with access to corporate rates, your own company deals, enable you to mix airlines, class and assemble all elements of the trip in one itinerary and can search globally for better deals.

Empower your employees to self book whilst retaining control or give your travel bookers expert support and tools to better control and administer the company travel

Access better pricing for qualifying trips that benefit from intelligent ticketing and global pricing sources.

A professional solution, as in all walks of life, makes a significant difference. Booking business travel through a professional Travel Company improves the traveller experience, improves efficiency, controls and reduces overall true cost.

What does it cost to use a TMC?

If you book travel regularly then a good TMC will save you money.

By searching in more places, accessing more price sources, your core travel costs will be reduced.

Include the soft savings that will naturally add up with saving time, substantially reduced administration and payment costs, the savings will amount to more than the cost.

Uniglobe Travel offer pricing model to suit your needs. Either, a low fee per trip, a subscription model or a management fee. Talk to us and we will make it work.

Typically the cost equates to 2% – 3.5% of total spend. Duty of care, control, peace of mind, expert support plus the savings mentioned makes a compelling case.

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