What is NDC

Being one of the biggest changes in the travel industry that we have seen in a long time, new distribution capability (NDC) has been introduced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to enhance how airline companies connect. The advancement connects airlines with consumers to provide a more beneficial experience for customers, but what is NDC? The XML based data transmission standard allows airlines to form a link between business travel management companies to reach consumers and provide a more effective service all around.

To make sure everyone from airline passengers and travel management companies to airlines and self-booking providers can utilise the same NDC content, the language remains understandable for all parties. When taking this approach rather than traditional distribution channels, airlines can reach their buyers with a more effective message and allow their products to reach the market in a much quicker manner.

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    The Purpose of NDC Content for Airlines

    Although we can now answer ‘what is NDC?’, let’s discuss the objective of this new industry standard. IATA produced NDC content to refresh the way airlines sell their products to enhance the process for a more efficient solution all around. The development allows travellers the opportunity to utilise more relevant choices through better personalisation, improved NDC content and ancillary options.

    An example of NDC content for airlines connecting with their audience in a more effective way would be the ability to purchase additional extras through a travel management company rather than having to go through the website itself. By being able to select seats, pay for extra luggage or purchase catering options, the entire process is made much simpler and is a more attractive prospect for business travellers who are short of time.

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    The Benefits of NDC Content for Buyers

    As airlines work to product NDC content that follows a more refined model, it can be compared to online retailers who offer all of their products both on their website and on third party locations. Through enhancing the experience for all involved parties, NDC content for airlines can provide a multitude of benefits.

    A wider range of options available

    For consumers and travel management companies alike, having direct access to a larger variety of travel options allows them to have a more positive booking process. The wider span of options will allow them to tailor their preferences to find more relevant options, enhancing the user experience and leading to a more satisfied customer.

    Accuracy through real time data

    With real time data being available through NDC content, a higher level of precision can be achieved to lead to more informed decisions. Dynamic pricing will adapt as and when changes in cost may occur off of the back of any high demand or external influences.

    Ease of comparison for users

    When asked ‘what is NDC?’, one of the main benefits for users can be the ease of use when it comes to comparing the different fares available. By being able to add in additional extras such as baggage, seat allocation and extra catering options, viewing the different options side by side can be a massive help for consumers.

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    Benefits of NDC Content for Airlines & CTM’s

    As well as creating a better platform for businesses and individual customers, NDC content for airlines also leads to a range of improvements in comparison to traditional approaches.

    Personalisation to target markets

    To increase promotional efforts and reach target audiences in the most effective way, NDC content for airlines can be personalised to users. By creating original campaigns and delivering these to the audience most likely to convert, the airlines can see an increase in sales of the back of their targeted offers.

    Combining multiple sources into one

    The nature of NDC content compiles travel information from a variety of popular sources to provide customers with the most effective solution without the time restraints of manual searching. With live data being constantly available, content can be immediately delivered to customers for an efficient service which is ideal for last minute travel bookings.

    Utilising the latest technological advancements

    NDC content remains up to date with any of the most recent industry innovations to provide an updated and competitive edge. Through developing new tools to deploying advanced systems, these advancements will be available to offer your customers as soon as it becomes accessible.