What is NDC?

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NDC or New Distribution Capability is simply a software standard that enhances an Airlines ability to communicate better with business travel management companies

Using a direct API, it enables delivery of  full rich content and a transparent shopping experience, far quicker and easier than traditional methods.

The video below gives a flavour of what this actually means to you the traveller.

Why does NDC matter?

As well as being able to provide richer content and a better buying experience, it is easier and cheaper for Airlines to quickly distribute their fares, special offers and services.

In reality it means that some Airlines will use NDC exclusively to sell their lowest and cheapest fares.

To benefit from cheap fares it is essential that any business travel management company provides access to NDC content.

How does NDC affect the booking process?

In most instances it doesn’t. Although it’s important to know that airlines can push offers and promotions quickly, these can be time limited. Additionally pricing can react to supply and demand consequently the time the fare is available can be limited. Price is only guaranteed once the booking is ticketed. Until that time the price is dynamic and can change even within minutes. Time limits are typically same day this should be taken into account when booking and specifically if approval is required.

Is NDC used by all Airlines?

No. NDC has been around for a while now but not all airlines choose to use it, there is a cost and a resource needed to support the use of NDC but it is undeniably the way forward. British Airways and Lufthansa being early adopters and key users of the technology. More airlines are and will follow.


Booking NDC content

Our agents access NDC content as part of their workflow. Our booking tool prioritises options by cost, based on search criteria and applied filters, NDC takes its place in the results table. The user should not concern themselves with the source as the tool does all the heavy lifting and returns results in a logical and intuitive manner. Just know that the booking engine is doing its job by presenting the lowest fares available.

NDC direct rate
NDC Fares are prioritised by price and clearly marked


Cabin baggage
Select fares / Mix Cabins / Mix Baggage / Policy Guidance and Control


Seat selection
Rich Content including seat selection


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