Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – Do you offer an online booking portal?

A – Yes. We have a fully robust online booking portal called UT Online. A market leading product powered by Amadeus

Q – What can I book online?

A – You can book all Flights including low cost carriers, Eurostar, Hotels, Car Hire and UK Rail. We take everything else offline with one of our experienced Travel Managers.

Q – Do you offer an offline approach with a Travel Manager?

A – Yes. During the implementation stage for a new client, we determine their approach in regard to offline travel management. That’s to say if their very own travel manager is required, we ascertain this early on and assign the relevant resources to that account.

Q – Do you offer Out of Hours assistance and can I always speak to someone?

A – Yes. We have a UK based, Out of Hours office ready to tend to any urgent issues. Our core business hours are 8:30am – 18:00 Monday to Friday. The Out of Hours support operates outside of those hours, including weekends

Q – Can you offer a travel approval process?

A – Yes. Nothing that is ‘booked’ will be done so without your approval. We can set this approver to a nominated individual within the business.

Q – Can you enforce our travel policy?

A – The travel policy you set will be active and live behind all bookings. This will give you control over what is booked and why. We gain this from you during implementation and lay this into the booking systems.

Every year, the importance of having a robust Travel Policy in place increases. We here at Uniglobe Gemini work with our clients to ensure that all parties are happy with the policy in place, meaning a rule driven travel management programme can run as you and the wider business wishes.

Q – Can you include company specific comments on itineraries?

A – Yes. We’re able to include these due to our quality control software – UT Travel Manager. This software is designed to aid with many critical components of a booking, from quality control which removes room for errors, through to ticketing and overall trip management

Q – Can you book our corporate rates at hotels?

A – Yes. If you already have agreed rates with hotels and business travel suppliers, we can populate these within the booking portal. This means you will continue to benefit from these rates but can book and access them more efficiently.

Q – Can you access our airline deals?

A – Yes, as above.

Q – Do you have preferred rates with your land and / or air suppliers?

A – Yes, for certain suppliers we’re proud to tell you we do have agreed rates in place. This obviously depends on the supplier. However, we have a partnerships team dedicated to working on these year in, year out

Q – Will company and traveller rewards accrue?

A – Yes. We want your rewards to stay with you. Why should you lose them when joining Uniglobe Gemini!

Q – Can I specify meal allowances at hotels?

A – Yes, when discussing the requirements with our client, we take note of what the traveller needs during their stay. So, this can be included in on all bookings Is needed.

Q – Can my travellers hire cars without using their personal cards?

A – Yes. We like to remove all hassle from corporate travel. So, we plan and book and pay for anything pertaining to business travel. This includes Car Hire.

Q – Can I have an invoiced account?

A – Yes, subject to credit checks. Many of our clients have invoiced accounts and there are many benefits in going down this route. It removes the hassle from a booking and payment perspective.

Q – I don’t want to have an invoiced account; can I pay by card?

A – Yes, of course. If this is your preferred method of payment – you can pay by debit and credit cards, as well as digital lodge cards your company may have already set up.

Q – Can you offer consolidated Invoices?

A – Yes. We’re able to compile the data to make this easier for you. Consolidated invoices are incredibly popular across our client portfolio as it removes the hassle admin can sometimes cause at month end! We tailor make the finance piece to look exactly how you need it to look.

Q – Can my invoice be grouped by division, cost centre etc?

A – Yes. We can capture up to 15 fields on invoices. Our advice – keep it simple. However, we can record fields that are critical to your business.

Q – Can you pre-pay Hotels?

A – Yes. This is by far our most popular method of payment with regards to hotels. I believe 92% of our clients require a pre-paid service.

Q – Do you charge for refunds and changes?

A – No. We simply pass on the fees from the suppliers.

Q – What is the commercial model for Uniglobe Gemini? Please outline…

A – We work slightly differently to most. We offer a ‘per-transaction’ fee structure. This provides a very transparent fee structure.

Q – Will you look to save my business money?

A- Absolutely. Our intention is to save you money as and where possible. Not only do we aim to reduce the time it takes to plan and book business trips, we also look to reduce your internal processes and grab those opportunities to save you money

Q – Do you offer management reporting?

A – Yes. We have our very own suite called UT Reports. With this tool, we’re able to provide you with full control and transparency as you’ll be able to customise dashboards and key business reports that are important to you and the wider team.

With this information, you can then extrapolate and pull into internal reports for the board – giving you a large element of clarity and control. You’ll get a greater understanding of many different types of reports pertaining to a myriad of different areas within the business travel programme.

Q – Can I have reports online?

A – Yes. The UT Reporting Suite is an online, real-time product.

Q – How long does it take to get a report sent?

A – With access to your very own reporting suite, you can build a live dashboard showing these key reports, as well as drill down reporting analysis. Giving you the control at your fingertips. However, if you need something else, or just some reporting support in general, we’re here and can produce what you need quickly and efficiently

Q – Can you capture reasons for travel and provide analysis?

A – Yes. For everything booked online, a reason for the trip is needed. We can populate this with common reasons meaning your reporting and analysis will be tailored to your business requirements every time something is booked

Q – My boss has asked for really niche, bespoke topics to report on, are you able to help?

A – Absolutely. With our industry experience, we’ll have the insight to be able to help with any niche requests and produce what is required by your business.

Q – What is the journey I’ll go on – from our first meeting through to joining Uniglobe Gemini Travel?

A – This is perfectly outlined here. It’s a consultative and unique approach. Each client is different as you all have different needs and requirements. We sit with you and we listen, only then can we create a business travel management solution that works for you and your vision of how you see it working moving forward.

Q – What size accounts do you service?

A – We manage clients who spend as little as £5k per annum through to around £3m, and beyond. We then lay in a bespoke strategy to manage the account based on the size and requirements of the business.

Q – Who manages the implementation when we decide to come on-board?

A – We do. We have a fully robust implementation plan that we’ll work to as we on-board you as an active booking client.

From our experience, the Implementation plan is absolutely crucial in making the switch to Uniglobe Gemini as hassle free and successful as possible. There is no disruption to your business and we’ll even help you with the internal communication to ensure your work force are on the same page.

Q – Can I contact your clients to discuss your services?

A- Of course. Our clients would be delighted to provide references and testimonials. These are available upon request.

Q – I have an issue, who can I speak to?

A- You’ll have your very own Travel Manager who’ll be perfectly placed to assist you. However, each and every one of our team here are dedicated to making your life easier. So please feel free to approach and speak to any employee.

Q – Who will be responsible for my account?

A- As mentioned above, you’ll have your own Travel Manager. They’ll be your first port of call with any questions or queries pertaining to business travel.

The ongoing relationship you’ll build with that Travel Manager really helps the effect running of the account as they’ll have a unique insight into your requirements as a business.

Q – Do you offer review meetings?

A- Yes. Whether you spend £5k or £5million – we aim to provide with the best in class service that has made us market leaders in this area. We’ll take your lead on how often you’d like to have review meetings. Quarterly meetings are very popular across our client portfolio.