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Robotic CheckTravel is not a single element. It is multi-dimensional as well as consisting of products such as flights, hotels, cars etc other factors have influenced the trip creation. Travel policy, Visa requirements, payment requirements, capture of company required data, approval etc. Travel also brings together multiple vendors, Airlines, Hotel Chains, Car companies. All use different systems and documentation. Add to this your own company unique requirements, Must have a 6 digit PO number, all reservations must be assigned to a cost centre, Include our insurance details on every itinerary. How are all these things managed?

The answer is robotic quality control.

Quality Control of every trip

Quality assured travel reservations

Robotic quality checks prevail throughout the creation and booking of a business trip. Multiple checks are made to validate and prove every trip.

Typically functions can be summarised:

  • Validates reservation accuracy and completeness
  • Monitors travel policy
  • Performs file finishing to replace manual tasks – eliminate errors
  • Verifies required reporting fields
  • Facilitates touchless ticketing
  • Creates consolidated email itineraries
  • Delivers customized content that complements each reservation.
  • Sends itineraries in multiple formats including HTML, Mobile HTML, Mobile Text and PDF
  • Provides online access of itinerary history
  • Improve the value of reporting via more accurate and reliable data
  • Fare Checker: Continues searches lower fare options
  • Seat Checker: Works to acquire seats preferred by traveller
  • Waitlist Checker: Queries availability of waitlisted segments

In reality, hundred’s of generic and bespoke tests are completed. Tests that make us look good and help you. The take away is you know that a robot has your back to help eliminate errors and oversights

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