Business Travel Management

A modern user platform for booking business travel. Global content, more choice, better value.
Analytical Reporting: Smarter Insights to drive travel savings.
Low touch Administration: Payments, Policy, Approvals, Invoicing…..

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Automate Your Business Travel

A Better Business Travel Experience

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A modern business travel platform. Delivering global content. More choice. Better value

A business travel platform that gives you the ability to manage your corporate travel with full control and visibility in one place. Access content from global sources, Create a shopping basket for your trip. Apply policies and approvals as required. A platform customised to your needs. First, we listen, then we build the solution, giving you access to great content and great people. We build in the controls you want and the tools to analyse and stay in the know. We make it easy to administer your corporate travel by removing the hassle. Fully supported online and offline.

Gain smarter insights to drive travel savings.

Fully visualise your business travel with a modern analytical reporting tool that you can interact with and interrogate to identify savings, influence behaviour and make better decisions. Try a sample report. report sample

Automated touchless control of your corporate travel

Our travel platform puts you in control. administration is minimised with automated controls, payment and invoicing that suit you, real time reporting. Minimal touch.

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One stop travel system for Corporate Travel Management

Access a huge amount of business travel content from around the globe using industry sources and Google’s most searched travel sites including brands like Expedia,, and more. Book flights on all Airlines, benefit from intelligent pricing and carrier combinations. Book hotels at your corporate rates, access industry deals and discounts, compare web based suppliers and direct API’s to hotel chains. Add European rail, UK rail  and Amtrak. Be guided by your policies and preferences, add Transfers, include airport Parking, also add your Car Hire, all in one booking flow. More choice, better value. Add to your basket, get approval if required and check out. All company data captured, payment taken care of, quality checked. Everything is supported 24/7. Create enquiries, get quotes, share plans, chat with an agent or colleagues to create your trip. Visualise your travel online with our reporting tool that lets you analyse and gain insights to your travel extract all the data you could ever need that helps us to help you identify savings. All adds up to beautifully simplified experience. Automated processes to minimise touch and keep you in control.


Tools and services to manage business travel

Business travel should be easy. the time and effort taken to book and administer travel should be minimal but you also want to know that you are getting a good price, that you have all the options available and can get to what you want easily. You need to be supported when things change, you have a question or when its just to damn inconvenient to sort things yourself. Your company needs to know how you are spending the travel budget and perhaps have a say in what is booked, it needs to capture data for accounting and budgeting and know it’s getting value.

  • Book Online – A complete travel portal to book travel, create and track enquires and quotes from an agent, get and give approval, chat and manage itineraries plus a whole lot more.
  • Reporting – See your travel in real-time. Summary dashboards, drill down to useful data for corporate travel management, to analyse and make better decisions, get instant answers to cost and itinerary questions. Identify savings. Modify behaviour.
  • Mobile – Our travel portal on your phone. Book, chat, enquire, approve on the go.
  • Administration – Quality, control, policies, approval, payments, automated refunds, minimal touch.
  • Profiler – Ensure accuracy and traveller preferences, benefits and loyalty cards are automatically included.
  • Support – 24/7 support, always reach an agent for those times when you just have to speak to someone.
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Why Corporate Travel Management?

If you are going to have employees travel for business there is a compelling case to manage that travel. It makes sense to access professional tools and services that simplify the process, provide visibility and control, reduce the overall cost of travelling for business and capture that all-important data. You can make massive savings on administration and payment costs. Those core costs really matter so we deliver content from well-known web-based suppliers such as Expedia and but improve on that by linking to global content, crucial NDC and industry airfares – no one should be using a booking tool that doesn’t have NDC content.

Duty of care matters so we provide 24/7 support and can program policies that guide and inform. Every business needs to know its numbers; a business needs to know where its people are going, where they are staying and they need to know how things can be improved by working on extending lead times, consolidating used hotels to improve rates, identifying trends and savings. Our corporate travel management services and reports can do this. Find out how by getting in touch today.

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Assured business travel management Services

UNIGLOBE Travel deliver corporate travel services that take away the burden of booking and administering your business travel by providing tools and services of a professional Travel Management Company (TMC) You can expect our best attention and support, modern booking tools, reporting and low touch administration. Our commitment to our clients:

  • Professionalism
  • Use of certified travel advisers
  • Quick and trustworthy communication
  • Quality-assured reservations
  • The promise of the best fares and value for money throughout
  • Support and duty of care

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Benefits of Corporate Business Travel Management

Our three pillars beautifully sum things up.

  1. Content. Accessing more content gives more choice, better value
  2. Reporting. Smarter insights, identify savings, better decisions
  3. Administration. Visibility and control, low touch.

Take a look at our Frequently asked questions page to get more insights or click below and send us your specific query.
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"The travel consultants at Uniglobe Gemini, most notably Claire, are very helpful and efficient. They respond to travel requests in a timely matter and if there are any problems they are quick to resolve them. You can rely on them for providing information for visa applications etc. It is always a pleasure to deal with them”

Paul Jones

“With increasing pressures on travel budgets we sometimes question the need to use a travel agency and not just book online via one of the many websites. I cannot fault the service we receive. And recently with two flights missed on separate occasions the after hours help line has proved a life saver. This has reaffirmed why we use an agency in this competitive market. I have selected not applicable for the complaints field as I have not had to make a complaint for a very long time. Keep up the good work”

Sarah Goody

“Ruth deals with our flight requests promptly and efficiently, recently I have been passing on the pressure I receive from my managers to Ruth and she handles it without a problem, I appreciate all her work, she is a real asset to UNIGLOBE”

Stacey Gregory

“We use UNIGLOBE Gemini and we are delighted with their service and pricing. I highly recommend them”

Jonathan Moore

“Very helpful and always accurate dealing with a large amount of flight requests for our project”

Mark Craven

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To find out more about our innovative and modern corporate travel solutions, fill out our contact form using the button below or call us on +44 (0) 1784 254 850 today.
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