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Justify tripEvery business needs to be in control of its costs, in respect of travel, a well thought out and workable travel policy goes a long way to controlling costs. It makes sense to provide guidance and encourage prudent choices that balance quality, convenience and cost.

A good travel policy should have some flexibility. It is rare that a traveller would deliberately try to overspend or act outside of company culture, policy or guidance. Indeed in our experience the opposite is often true. That said, sometimes it’s just not possible for all elements of a trip to be neatly packaged and easily within acceptable and normal bounds. Late booking, attending that trade show with the rest of the world has pushed prices up, that essential flight is nearly full and only the expensive seats remain. Regardless you need to travel because it makes sense to do so and its a justifiable trip.

There is nothing more frustrating or annoying than systems that enable business prevention. That’s why we build a solution into our travel booking platform. A solution that still keeps you in control.

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You have searched options been as flexible as is practical but it’s clear things are a bit out of the ordinary and you need to consider options that are not as comfortable as they normally would be.

As a business you decide how to manage things. Part of how to manage could be to capture a reason or justification that provides an insight as to why something is booked, Insights that form part of the visualisation of your travel and are used to shape policy, aid budgeting and decision making. You decide when and from whom data is captured. Maybe only out of policy items need approving but the approver needs to know why its out of policy before approving the trip. Add a justification to aid the decision. Use the chat facility with colleagues and share costs to come to a collaborative decision and reference the chat as justification. Possibilities and uses are numerous but the facility works well with policy, reporting and control requirements whilst also providing flexibility when it’s needed.

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