uniglobe iconHaving an effective well thought out travel policy will go far to control your travel spend and automate the booking process.

It really does make sense to create a policy that is realistic and workable. A business needs flexibility and control , one size will not fit all. You decide the do’s and the don’ts and how strict or unstrict you want your travel program to be.

A travel policy is a company’s rules and procedures, it has the power to affect future decision making by travellers , managers and admins. Having a clear guideline for all travellers so its fairness for all. A carefully considered travel policy gives your travelers the clarity and independence they deserve by eliminating all friction and uncertainty from the booking process.

Typical policies can include spending caps, exclude business class or include for long haul only. It can be as granular as specifying flights to Glasgow have to be from Gatwick on Easyjet, The flight chosen has to be the cheapest, The hotel has to be a Premier Inn. Expenses on a per meal per day basis to only include soft drinks.

You can create a policy that can be built in to the system to provide control and be capable of managing those important exceptions if they do arise. Enabling justifications and reasons as to why they have chosen an out of policy option. This way you are always in control.

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A corporate travel policy is normally created by a finance manager and the travel manager this will outline things such as, if your able to travel business class or how many days/weeks in advance trips should be booked or even what ground transportation is permitted.

Fulfilling the needs of online and offline travel to suit the requirements across all departments of your business. Using a online booking tool has the intelligents to filter searches to your individual expectations , interrogate the data to get answers quickly. in addition to this accessing fast, simple reports enabling you to fully visualise your travel , identifying  savings opportunities which helps shape and customize your travel policy that works best for you.

A comprehensive travel policy will include information for International and Domestic travel, you can set limits based on duration of travel for example- Economy for Domestic and European flights and business class on flights over 8 hours.

It’s important to know the whole booking procedure and who are the approved travel company or preferred vendors.What expenses are allowed not allowed – Some companies supply a daily allowance where as others may state breakfast and a evening meal only. The expense reimbursement process, knowing who to contact if you have been charged to your personal account. Duty of care and safety of travellers is a priority, knowing who to contact when travelling on business incase of an emergency , to ensure situations are managed and resolved as quickly as possible without any stress or confusion.

Using a Travel management company can boost policy compliance, providing a clear picture of what is being spent where. Being at the forefront of corporate travel compliance trends and best practice means our industry expertise will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to implementing and enforcing an effective travel policy. Policy adherence and the efficiency of policy is of course reported on so you can monitor and adapt as needed.

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