What Can Corporate Travel Management Provide For My Company?

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Even though the internet is far from short of websites providing you with access to numerous business travel services, corporate travel management in particular is a great way to help ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to providing employees with the opportunity to travel and meet new people. As well as enabling you to reduce the cost of corporate travel, there are countless other advantages of corporate travel management of which your business will reap the benefits of. So, what can corporate travel management provide? We explore the biggest benefits of corporate travel management in more detail below.

Cost Savings

With multiple travel bookings in the hands of employees, businesses ultimately lack control over cost, management information and policy compliance alike. As a result, businesses can often struggle to analyse their booking patterns effectively. Such a lack of transparency can significantly affect businesses travel expenditure. Effective corporate travel management helps to ensure that businesses have clear visibility of all bookings and expenditure, and additionally alerts bookers of business travel policy guidelines. In turn, this helps businesses ensure that they are able to budget for the coming years travel expenditure, making it possible for employees to travel far and wide for business while being able to forecast appropriate costings.

Additional Convenience

There are countless benefits of corporate travel management for your company, including convenience. Planning a smooth-running trip that is good value for money can be difficult, especially when it comes to understanding your travel planning options. At Uniglobe Gemini, you will have peace of mind that all matters will be handled in a highly effective manner. You can rest assured that you will no longer have to spend several hours researching in order to find the most effective option for your business regardless of your needs.

Travel Policy Compliance

With no set process, it is almost impossible for any business to enforce an effective travel policy as there is no way to identify what users are booking, and how they are going about it. With this in mind, corporate travel management helps businesses to implement an effective travel policy, enabling them to keep a close eye on all bookings and travel expenditure. Moreover, corporate travel management also enables businesses to stay better organised with traveller itineraries and profiles.

Around The Clock Support

Delayed or cancelled flights and lost luggage are bound to cause panic, but what do you do if your employees are faced with the challenge? When it comes to understanding what corporate travel management can provide your business, it is paramount to understand that corporate travel management services, such as Uniglobe Gemini, offer around the clock support, including out of hours assistance. Regardless of whether it is early in the morning or late at night, you can rest assured that you will be able to get in touch and receive the support you need in an instant, ultimately saving you invaluable time.

Understanding what corporate travel management can provide for your company can help to ensure that your business is consistently benefiting from cost savings and a smooth-running experience for every trip, regardless of the location. Ultimately, businesses that invest in corporate travel management will attain better control over where employees can book, and under what policies.

Here at Uniglobe Gemini we are committed to providing efficient travel management to all our clients. We have a strong focus on professionalism through our certified advisers, reliable executive travel management, and quick communication, in order to ensure that you receive everything you expect from your corporate travel management, and more. If you are seeking corporate business travel management, why not get in touch today?

The Benefits Of Corporate Travel In The UK

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Though corporate travel can provide employees with opportunities to travel and meet new people, it can be costly. Luckily, there are ways you can reduce the cost of corporate travel in the UK with the help of travel management. At Uniglobe Gemini, we provide the ultimate convenience and ease when it comes to corporate travel in the UK, so businesses can rest assured that all their corporate travel needs will be strategically and smoothly managed, while offering value-for-money. We’ve explored the benefits of corporate travel in the UK in more detail below.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of corporate travel UK is the ability for businesses of all sizes to save a significant amount of money. At Uniglobe Gemini, we provide bespoke solutions to your corporate travel management, and with a pre-trip approval process, businesses can rest assured that their corporate travel spend is in safe hands. We realise that airline ticket prices can be expensive, so we strive to find the best possible price for you, and you could save a significant amount of money by simply changing the date of travel.


There are countless benefits of opting for a reliable, executive travel management company such as Uniglobe Gemini, and one of the biggest is convenience. Here at Uniglobe, we have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through all travel planning options, while providing you with additional peace of mind that all matters will be handled in an effective manner. You no longer have to spend a number of hours researching in order to find the most effective option for you, as we handle the entire process for you.

With Uniglobe Gemini, you can benefit from:

  • A smooth-running trip
  • All-round good value for money
  • Certified travel advisers
  • Quick & trustworthy communication
  • Quality-assured reservations
  • Stress-free service

Better Control

With the help of corporate travel management in the UK, businesses gain a better insight into their employees’ comings and goings. With this information, businesses can identify experiences worth the travel and expense associated with corporate travel UK, whilst continuing to offer employee independence. Employees aside, corporate travel management programmes help businesses to obtain the best fare possible and enables them to receive around-the-clock support at any given time.

New Experiences

Employees significantly benefit from corporate travel UK, too. Whilst effective corporate travel management can help businesses save money, business travellers are able to experience an element of luxury. Nevertheless, there is nothing quite like corporate travel experience. From getting to experience sights outside the boardroom to the opportunity to encounter a new culture first hand, while developing vital skills which can help to produce well-rounded leaders who are compassionate and understanding of other cultures, there are countless ways in which corporate travel in the UK can benefit your business and its employees.

Meet New People

One of the most favoured benefits of corporate travel UK is the ability to meet new people. Even though it might sound obvious, building new relationships really does play an essential role in business, whether it is across the UK or worldwide. Moreover, corporate travel is one of the most effective ways to network, which is paramount for the success of business and collaboration. Not only does networking help create an abundance of opportunities, but by regularly networking, employees will benefit from increased confidence in their particular role.

There are countless benefits when it comes to corporate travel in the UK and these suggestions only scrape the surface of the significance of corporate travel in the UK. From saving money to the sheer convenience effective corporate travel management can be to a business, corporate travel in the UK has endless benefits for employees alike. It is paramount that employees get the opportunity to travel in order to meet new people and witness new experiences they would otherwise not get the opportunity to be a part of, with a company like Uniglobe offering a streamlined experience for businesses to take advantage of, there’s no better choice than us.

What is corporate travel management?

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The internet is far from short of websites providing access to any, and every, type of business travel service you may need. The importance of corporate travel management is no exception. Corporate travel management involves the management of a company’s strategic approach to travel, including vendor negotiations, daily operation of the business’ corporate travel program, safety and security in the sky, expenses and appropriate credit-card management. It is vital not to confuse corporate travel management with the work performed by a traditional Travel Agency. While these agencies do provide day-to-day travel services to corporate clients, it is corporate travel management specialists who decide on the class of service and negotiate fair rates directly with hotels and airlines.

The Benefits Of Corporate Travel Management

With the immense pressure and stress involved in today’s corporate economy, the use of corporate travel management will help your business to reach new heights. Despite what some large corporations believe, corporate travel management is vital for the successful planning and booking of a business trip, providing peace of mind and ensuring every aspect of the trip is covered.

There really is no doubt about it; business travel requires a lot of coordination. Coordination is the key to a successful business trip, which is why at Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we look into the bigger scope of corporate travel to provide you with the very best fares, whether it be flying with the most major airlines to simplified rail travel to the most bespoke corporate conference packages. Better yet, here at Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we offer out of hours of assistance, so you can contact members of our expert team 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you find yourself in an emergency, our professionals can access your travel records at ease to assist you with new reservations and bookings, as well as change existing travel arrangements. In the event you need to cancel a currently held reservation, that is no issue either! We are here to assist with any travel related requirements at any point.

Not everything goes to plan. Unfortunately, prior to or during your corporate business trip abroad, the unexpected can happen which can wreak havoc with your well-planned business trip. Corporate travel management can help to provide you with support before, during and after your trip. You will not lack information when you need it the most, and we ensure you ignore the issues that would otherwise intensify the stresses and strains that can sometimes be associated with business travel.

Planning a successful business trip doesn’t just involve seeking cost-effective travel. Depending on where in the world you are required to travel for business, you may have to complete a list of complicated forms and time-consuming paper work. Nevertheless, your Travel Manager is here to help. From ensuring each employee’s passport is up to date and valid, to ensuring each member travelling holds the applicable visa required to enter the country with ease, corporate travel management help ensures that the next time you are planning a business trip for your company, everything is covered to ensure stress-free business travel from the very start.

Additionally, and somewhat more importantly, handing over your Business Travel program to a Corporate Travel Management company like Uniglobe Gemini saves time. Time, and the efficient use of time, is crucial to many of our client’s requirements from a business travel perspective. PA’s or Travel Booker’s can take hours in researching, planning and booking business travel for their colleagues. We remove that time lag and make the entire process much more efficient. From the bookings tools and technology we implement, through to the off line support and quickly accessible negotiated rates – we remove the need for online comparisons and lengthy research.

Whether your company spends £5,000 or £5m – we are certain of the positive impact we can have upon your business travel.

Find out more about our corporate travel management services here.

How a Travel Management Program Can Help You

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When it comes to corporate travel, organising and booking your trip can be tough. The costs of travel alone can be a stress on your business, but there is help available. Travel management programs are the industry’s answer to corporate travel, helping you to plan, book and partake in your business trips, but how can a travel management program actually help you?


What is corporate travel management?

Corporate travel management, or CTM, refers to the function of managing a company’s travel and the policies and strategies involved. This will include everything from negotiating with vendors, day-to-day operations and transactions of the travel program or safety and security of the travellers, travel management covers it all. CMT is often implemented by travel management companies (TMCs) that can use their connections and technologies to book flights and pull together other commodities for their clients to look over and decide on.


How can a travel management program help you?


– Support

From the planning & booking of your business trip, through to the duty of care and after sales guidance / assistance – support is central to everything we do. We live and breathe business travel day to day and are experts in this space, so rest assured, you will be supported by travel managers who will understand your needs and be able to react to any questions or queries you may have pertaining to your trip.


– Saving Money

If you ask a company the question, ‘Provide three things that are absolutely key when working with a TMC’, many, if not all, will answer with – save me money!

There a few ways a company can save money. The first, is saving money internally. This means your staff will be able to work smarter and more efficiently with our bespoke processes and travel technology, thus creating a huge save for your company from a cost vs efficiency perspective. The other way, is by simply showing you that upfront saving in the form of negotiated fares. A huge part of our business is built around partnerships, and as a result, we provide our clients with the very best and most competitive fares in the market. We want to show the difference in working with Uniglobe Gemini, not just tell you about them.


– Saving Time

Having a TMC organise all of your business travel can mean more time left for you to spend with clients and your business – ultimately, you’ll have more time to get your job done. Save yourself hours of research and scouring the internet for special offers by simply having a travel management company do it for you. Whether you’re taking one business trip a year, or regular trips, corporate travel management can take the stress and time-consuming searches out of planning your trip.


– Stress-Free Travel

We all know how stressful travelling can be, but with a travel management company, this stress can be lessened, if not removed completely. They can book everything on your behalf under your company’s preferences, and be there to support you should things go wrong while you’re travelling. If you find yourself stranded, your TMC will help suggest alternate routes or book you onto another, alternate flight – and the support doesn’t end there. Your TMC can take the stress out of the entire itinerary of your trip, so it’s well worth looking into what is offered to you.


– Policy Adherence

Ultimately, using a travel management program can help you ensure your employees adhere to your companies travel policy. By having control over what happens and when, you can make sure that everyone travelling will be doing things within company rules without going off and breaking company policy.

If you’d like more information about travel management and how Uniglobe Gemini can provide a travel management service to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

UNIGLOBE Gemini Travel Has a New Home

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UNIGLOBE Gemini Travel Has a New Home.


We are excited to announce that our team here at UNIGLOBE Gemini has moved to a new location in Staines-Upon-Thames.

Our old office served us well, and the network of friends and colleagues in the local area is huge due to our 16 years there. But, due to our expansion and growth, the time came to move on.

Our shiny new office in Staines-Upon-Thames is just fantastic and very different to where we were based in Ashford, Middlesex.





While we were happy with our previous offices, we had several motivating factors to make a move:


  1. Space. While our office in Ashford was based on three floors, it was still very tight on free work space believe it or not. Our hardworking Reservations Team were pretty crunched together on small desks and the Commercial Team upstairs, were in the same boat. Our new office provides a bespoke, tailored work space that, in collaboration with our Directors and a local office design team (Metric Office Furniture & Interiors) we have put together a light and productive office for the wider UNIGLOBE Gemini team.


  1. Location. Being located on the high-street in Ashford, Middlesex may seem like a perfect place to be for a Travel Management Company. And although we have a Leisure division, the core of our business is Corporate Travel. So, moving to a fairly densely populated business district as Staines-Upon-Thames, it provides more opportunities for our clients to swing by for technology training and enables easy transport links for Commercial meetings day to day.


  1. Client and Talent Acquisition. In having a spacious new office, with more workspace, this creates more opportunities to continue the level of growth we’ve been witnessing over the last 6 months – growth from a new business perspective, but also in talent acquisition. In acquiring new accounts, there will be opportunities to place talented and experienced travel professionals to help manage this new influx of business. The options are endless for new business and the management of this new business.


We are extremely excited about the new office and the opportunities it will bring. We’ve had an amazing 16 years in Ashford, but our new location is Staines-Upon-Thames is going to be a success filled adventure for years to come.


Our New Office Location is:


Elizabeth House

56-60 London Road



TW18 4HF


Leisure is still a huge part of our core business, and we are still eager to see you for holiday consultations / bookings. Please call 01784 254 850 or email clairefalco@uniglobegemini.co.uk to arrange an appointment where we’ll discuss all your holiday needs
Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding Business Travel Management – please email our Commercial Team on sales@uniglobegemini.co.uk to fix a good time for a coffee

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Plan International

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Plan International

gbi-summit-kilimanjaroIn September 2010, a UNIGLOBE British Isles climbing team reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise £35,000 to build a girls school and residence in
Mwanza, Tanzania.
The new school, part of Plan International Because I Am a Girl will provide girls with a supportive and safe environment in which to learn and help to lift more families and communities out of poverty.

The rate of girls attending secondary schools in Tanzania is an alarming five percent. Among the reasons for such low attendance are the long distances children must walk to and from classes. These daily journeys expose girls to health and safety risks.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the fourth highest among the world’s seven summits and the tallest in Africa, towering nearly 6,000 metres (20,000 feet) above sea level.Watch the video of the team on their journey to reach the peak.

Hiking to Machu Picchu for Plan International

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Hiking to Machu Picchu for Plan International

2012 UNIGLOBE Trek to Machu Picchu.
£37,000 for Because I Am a Girl. 

In October 2012, UNIGLOBE family members from the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands  trekked the Inca Trail toperuacanddh
Machu Picchu and raised £37,000 for the Because I Am a Girl campaign.






Because I am a Girl is a Plan International initiative to promote girls’ rights and empower young women to safely attend schools, learn new skills and contribute to the advancement of economies worldwide.inca-amanda-and-derek2
All travel costs and personal expenses for the UNIGLOBE Machu Picchu expedition are paid by individual members. All proceeds raised go directly to the campaign. Thank you to:

  • Derek Hearl-Maunder – President, UNIGLOBE Travel British Isles
  • Mark & Julie Kempster – UNIGLOBE CT Business Travel, Tunbridge Wells, UK
  • Mark Hewett – UNIGLOBE Gemini Travel, Ashford, UK
  • Eoin Shanahan – UNIGLOBE Premier Travel, Croydon, UK
  • Maria & Rebecca Baty – UNIGLOBE Top Flight Travel, Reading, England
  • Marleen Van Dam – UNIGLOBE Smart Travel, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Amanda Close – Vice President, Global Operations, UNIGLOBE Travel International Headquarters, Vancouver, Canada