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Does a travel policy control costs?

Having an effective well thought out travel policy will go far to control your travel spend and automate the booking process. It really does make sense to create a policy that is realistic and workable. A business needs flexibility and control , one size will not fit all. You decide the do's and the don'ts and how strict or unstrict…
Shelley Davies
4th March 2022
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Benefits of using a Corporate Booking Tool

Whether you are trying to improve efficiency of your corporate travel policy or maybe trying to reduce your companies travel spend , Either way having a centralised booking tool definitely has its advantages. So if your a traveler, travel Booker , approver  or even all three a online booking tool can be the solution for your business. Let me highlight…
Shelley Davies
24th February 2022
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Countries you can now travel to without taking a Covid test.

Countries across the world are cautiously untightening the rules and restrictions that are currently in place to keep people who travel safe. Which are promising signs of the reopening of international travel. Returning to pre-pandemic travel expectations, Many countries have removed the requirement for travellers crossing their boarders to take a Covid test. In addition to this everyone fully vaccinated…
Shelley Davies
18th February 2022
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The benefits of Business Travel for your Organisation.

With attention turning towards a safe return to travel, where mobiles and video links have been the latest trend. Here are some prime things to think about when it comes to the benefits of business travel for your organisation. Starting with face-to-face interaction. There is nothing quite like it, Video conferencing such as Zoom or Skype are amazing ways to…
Shelley Davies
2nd February 2022
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UK open for Travel- Restrictions removed.

We are so pleased to hear the government have announced , the UK is open for travel with restrictions removed for the fully vaccinated as of 11th February 2022. This means travellers can now freely exit and return to the UK with near normality. You will be required to complete the passenger locator form (PLF) confirming vaccination status, travel history…
Shelley Davies
26th January 2022
Travel Management

How does business manage a return to safe corporate travel?

The Covid 19 pandemic has of course affected our ability to travel. Across the world, countries have had to face up to the realities with resultant restrictions imposed. There are reasons to be optimistic for the travel landscape in 2022. The roll out of vaccinations and testing have enabled travel restrictions to be slowly eased and whilst the Omicron variant…
Shelley Davies
18th January 2022

Sustainability In Travel.

Aviation is responsible for about 2.5% of carbon emissions. More and more airlines are investing in more fuel efficient planes and looking to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel. Businesses are increasingly recognising the impact of travel not least the travel industry itself. This is why Airlines and hotels are taking steps to be more sustainable businesses. For our…
Shelley Davies
11th January 2022
Travel Management

Is it time to review how you book your business travel?

Business travel has changed, the pandemic has seen to that. How you buy your travel, has that changed? does it need to?Booking business travel has always been about control, compliance and cost. That in all probability will never change. Todays trend is also about trust, care, sustainability, simplicity, and visibility. How you achieve that in your company going forward in…
Mark Hewett
10th January 2022
Travel Management

Is It Possible To Mix And Match Airlines?

When booking business travel either using our online booking tool or directly through an agent , We are able to filter the search criteria to suit your personal needs. The search criteria and subsequent filters will compare all flight options,From different carriers and also nearby airports. Furthermore it will mix and match airlines , airports, classes of travel, baggage all…
Shelley Davies
7th January 2022