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When booking a hotel for business It’s important to know that you are able to book at the best available rate or your specific corporate rate and that you can compare options.

As a business you may want to guide your travellers towards specific hotels or rates and be in control of the quality and pricing limits.

Both our on-line and Agent tools ensure policy compliance, can provide guidance and shop for best rates from multiple sources.

Our tools link to multiple suppliers including, Expedia,, Ratehawk, Directly to hotels reservation systems including Premier Inn and Travelodge and over 60 websites.

By shopping in more places and comparing rates from more sources best rates are found including your corporate rates, negotiated rates, industry rates, discounted and scheme rates. Only a professional booking engine puts all these options on your desktop (or mobile)

Find your hotel at the right price

Compare Hotels
Search and Compare Hotel Rates – Filters/Lists/Maps

 Search and filter from more sources than you thought existed.

Hotel Booking Sources
Single search of multiple sources


Hotel Policy Control and preferred hotels

Highlight and prioritise preferred hotels and set policy controls and price caps to control spend. Force justifications and approval if required.


Priority Hotel
Prioritise preferred hotels


Book hotel for business

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