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silhouette of road signage during golden hourAn effective well thought out travel policy will go far to control your travel spend and automate the booking process. It makes sense to create a policy that is realistic and workable. A policy that is based on evidence and steers the user to make good decisions. A business needs flexibility and one size will not fit all. It is highly probable that different groups within the business need different policies. Different roles, travel purposes, durations and distances demand flexible rules.

It is possible to accommodate all the variations and nuances, typically if you can verbalise a policy, intelligence can be built into to the system to provide the control and be capable of managing those important exceptions if they arise, capturing reasons and justifications as required.. You are always in control.

Typical policies can include hotel rate caps, exclude business class or include for long haul only. It can be as granular as specifying flights to Glasgow have to be from Gatwick on Easyjet, The flight chosen has to be the cheapest, The hotel has to be a Premier Inn. the list goes on.

Guidance can be displayed based on criteria, maybe when visiting the New York office you need the traveller to book the local hotel at your corporate rate. Whatever the need there is a solution.

Adherence to policy and the effectiveness of policy is of course reported on so you can monitor and adapt as needed.

Travel Policy Controls

Policies can be for multiple groups with different outcomes to suit company rules.

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