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There are millions of different air fares available. The way they are sourced and combined is important in order to get best value. For the most part it’s reasonably straight forward to pump in dates and destinations and get flight details returned and priced. A professional booking tool can go further and a travel professional can in some instances go further still.

In order to deliver best choice and value the first requirement is to know where to look and every bit as important is how to look. Then it matters as to how to combine fare types to get the best overall price.

Comprehensive Sourcing and Pricing

  • Global air fares
  • NDC fares
  • Negotiated Fares
  • Corporate and Leisure Fares
  • Route Deals
  • Web fares and low cost

Two one ways can be cheaper than a return, Mixing carriers can reduce total price, Using code shares can reduce price. Accessing global fares, NDC, Corporate and negotiated rates, Route deals. All these features we include when booking flights and will contribute to total savings on your business travel.

Global Air Fares

Airlines with global networks sell their fares around the world, many factors influence the fare price including route popularity, market share and competition, local costs and more. Suffice to say the price of a ticket can be different in one market than another, not in all instances but where applicable, typically long haul, inter-continental flights, savings can be significant. Using a global network, Uniglobe Faresearch delivers global air fares from over 70 countries ensuring maximum value.

Global fare search

Constructed Fares

Consider this, every flight has up to 26 price points and sometimes more – NDC has the ability to increase this, then consider class options, baggage options, seat pricing, One way or return, Connecting flights with and without stop overs. The combinations really add up. Then consider convenience of schedules and mixing airlines to best meet your needs. Then add in fare contracts, corporate and leisure fares, advance purchase rules, flexibility, change rules. Air fares are complicated.

The good news is for the most part travellers do not have to worry about the technicalities they just need to know when and where they are going, baggage needs and possibly cabin class and perhaps consider flexibility. Find the options and that’s it. The key thing here is finding the options and knowing the fare is as good as it can be.

Our Agents are experts at constructing the best fare, our booking tool has built in fare breaker technology and fare building capabilities. All pricing combinations are tested and delivered automatically from numerous sources and fare types.

Giving the traveller the flexibility to choose different airlines, baggage, seat, cabin combinations all in one flow. No need to search in different places and chain bookings together – all done in one place at the right fare.

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