Our Story

It was whilst training for the marathon in the summer of 1999. Talking as you do, putting the world to rights.

I never realised how much hassle it could be to book a trip to the states, it should be easy enough but it’s not.

I was thinking about what you said the other day, suppose you had someone who would get the trip sorted for you, using their knowledge, taking away all that hassle. Then when you got back, someone had done the shopping for you and before you went, had sorted out a kennel for the dog and sent you a guide book for your destination.

We could do that!

What about the costs and the commercials of it all, would people pay?

Maybe. I don’t think that matters, those little extras could be our USP. Book your travel with us and we will do the little extra’s because that’s who we are, its wrong and its annoying to nickel and dime everything. Not everything has to have a price on it. Great service doesn’t have to have a cost. Look at the big picture, work hard, deliver and delight. Keep clients. We already spend our days solving problems, finding solutions. Looking after customers. We’re honest and passionate. Let’s channel that and start a travel business!

We met Michael in London, pitched like we had never pitched before. He smiled, you need technology, you need access to suppliers, you need a network of clever passionate people just like you. Be part of Uniglobe Travel, oh and you’ll need a whole lot more but that will all fall into place.

We ran that marathon, it takes effort, determination, strong will. It also took a team to encourage and support us, an understanding of togetherness, an appreciation of great logistics and organisation. Life lessons. Business lessons.

We won our first client. They remain a client to this day. OK so we dropped the shopping idea – something later picked up by Ocado – our bad! We worked hard, then and now, stayed true to our values, remembered the lessons learnt, built our expertise, innovated, grew our technology and created a team of highly capable people that share our non-negotiable values and culture.

Now we service clients across 3 continents, from small start-ups to multi-national PLC’s drawing on expertise from around the globe, leveraging supplier relations and staying ahead of technology and industry changes. Guided by great people in Vancouver our product and service offerings are a match for anyone and better than most. A unique size and shape. We have learnt to adapt and flex to meet client needs and have always understood that even in large company’s people matter. I guess it’s because we truly care, it can’t be just about the numbers. That agility to act unencumbered by politics, processes, approvals and have that freedom fully supported and endorsed globally. By making things easy, bringing a joy factor, being competitive, doing more, it’s become another USP and why we keep clients.

That’s our story so far, it will develop with more chapters added, more marathons run. Thanks for reading.

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