UT Mobile

uniglobe on mobile

Complete Control

You’ll have tonnes of features like policy compliance, which means you’ll have complete control over what is booked and why. Similarly, with approvals, which means you’ll be able to send these directly from your phone.

If you’re needing on the go assistance, use our ‘chat’ function on the app, which means we’re never far if there’s a problem during your trip. In our experience, this safety net is invaluable.

unsure about the current state of your trip? then opt in to receive relevant travel updates and information about your itinerary. Things change quickly in travel, and this functionality gives enables you to be one step ahead

If you’d like some assistance and want to send a travel enquiry, you can do this on the go and on the move. Sending enquiries enables you to receive information about alternative trip options and routes.

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UT Online In The Palm Of Your Hand

Access our mobile app to book travel on the go with policy and approval control. View itineraries, create enquiries and chat.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Uniglobe Gemini Travel constantly strive to be ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting businesses with their planning and execution of all Corporate Travel.

We aim to empower the traveller with key, market leading, travel technology. We’re able to place everything that the traveller needs directly into their hands; giving them the detail of their business trip on their mobile device. Keeping them in the know, on the move.

Being fully mobile enables us to deliver the best service around the clock, and around the globe. Backed by our team here in Staines, we cover all aspects of the travellers business trip