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Profiles have been around forever but why are they required? The reality is that strictly speaking they are not but it absolutely makes sense for each traveller to create one. At the very base level a profile can contain just a name, that in its self is useful if colleagues can book your travel. It is essential for international travel that your booking matches your passport name. You might be known as Ben but your passport is Benjamin, Sue is Susan or maybe it is just Ben or Sue, your profile clarifies. Add other data such as loyalty card numbers and these can then be automatically included in the booking, some bookings demand more, eg if travelling to the USA your passport details must be included in the booking. Add to your profile and you never need to keep finding them. Profiles also enable fast check out and can store cost centres, employee numbers etc. saving the need to keep re-typing into every booking. All data is securely stored and encrypted. It is never shared with anyone except as required to book travel.

Profiles also control access to the platform and dictate what policies, approvals and privileges apply. As such they are more than personal data, they give a company administrator full control over who can do what and for whom. Administration privileges are themselves controlled. It is possible to book for travellers without a profile subject to permissions. There we have it, profiles are a simple, easily created element that makes booking and administration easy.

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