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Hooray there is light at the end of the tunnel, with UK travel restrictions being lifted in just a few weeks , How regular in a day, week, a year you travel within your company. Here are some things to think about when choosing the right Travel Management company for your business.

Choosing the right travel management can be daunting , However the right corporate travel management company can help keep you travelling strategically, prioritise traveller safety, and support your spending and sustainability goals.

Do you book your own business travel yourself?

Booking your own travel has its difficulties and stresses especially from an administration aspect and when things don’t go quite to plan, because after all this is business travel and sometimes for reasons out of your control plans do change, And that’s where a trusted TMC can resolve these issues by making an amendment or calling a supplier etc saving you the time and worry.

Like to be incontrol of your business travel ?… Most TMC’s  have online booking tools so you still have the same control and visibility you desire.

What is A TMC?

A Travel Management Company (TMC) is a business that provides you the facilities to book and manage your organisations travel. Using a travel management company takes the hassle out of booking and administrating travel with automated processes.

Why should i use a TMC?

A Travel management company Provides professional booking tools and processes as well as duty of care for your travelers. Tools that enable you or your travelers to quickly and easily book business travel within the rules and expectations of your company. Tools that give those that need it, visibility, control and comfort that are travel policy compliant, justified and approved as necessary. Tools that search everywhere so you don’t have to.

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Supply easy administration and payment solutions. Solutions to minimise the workload of Accounts departments, bookers and travellers. Remove complicated reconciliations, With one monthly payment. Capturing all the important data you need for example Cost centres, PO numbers, Project codes etc.

Produce reports and analysis. Modern travel management is about live data that can be interrogated and analysed to discover savings, influence behaviour and guide travel policy. This is what drives savings on your travel spend.

Deliver expert advice and account management. Whether it is a new booking , something has gone wrong or travel advice. Travel experts are empowered to get things done and matters resolved in a timely manner, without you being stuck in lengthy call queues .

Support sustainability. Technology that can provide environmental data , Go greener practices are being implemented across the travel industry to help businesses be more sustainable.

Duty of care to your employers. It’s important travellers are equipped with a full knowledge of their destination, know the risks and can access latest official advice. You are fully supported from start to finish.

What does it cost to use a TMC?

Most TMC’s charge a transaction fee , What is included in that transaction fee depends on the agreement you have with that TMC. However If you book travel regularly then a good TMC will save you money. By searching in more places, accessing more price sources, your core travel costs will be reduced. Savings that will naturally add up along with saving you time, substantially reduce administration and payment costs, the savings will amount to more than the cost.

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Business travel can be complicated, We are about making it easier. For More information complete the form below or alternatively contact us on 01784 254 850.

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