em pillarWith attention turning towards a safe return to travel, where mobiles and video links have been the latest trend. Here are some prime things to think about when it comes to the benefits of business travel for your organisation.

Starting with face-to-face interaction. There is nothing quite like it, Video conferencing such as Zoom or Skype are amazing ways to communicate when remote working , however nothing beats putting a face to a name with real life human contact and communication when faced with important business decisions.

Taking time to meet with customers or colleges in person can make the individual feel supported, this is so important it helps build a good relationship and trust from the get-go. In order to achieve this you must be visible. If you think about it would you finalize a deal or trust your business future with someone you have never met?..

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Travelling out on business gives you the opportunity to meet with people you wouldn’t of otherwise met . Just by sitting on a train/flight, striking up a conversation with the person sitting close to you can lead to exchanging business cards, and networking in general. Networking plays a very important role, placing you in scenarios that would not be possible on Zoom or in the office. The way you present yourself and the warmth you provide in person can speak a thousand words just in the first 30 seconds of meeting with a client or customer.

With that in mind having your feet firmly on the ground , Speaking open and freely in public about your business comes naturally with no pressures . Displaying leadership and passion that can help motivate and inspire others to succeed.

Personal interactions in Face-to-face meetings can increase understanding and empathy, reduce mis-communication, and promote a real fundamental team spirit.

This is why the value of a Travel Management Company is deserving , TMC’S realise the importance of innovation. But are also born out of fundamental values that are at the core of what they do. A duty of care to you and your team whilst offering forward-thinking innovation through service , technologies, administration and reporting with a face behind them.

The sophisticated technology and tools available to access destination information and latest updates is essential for safe travel and those crucial entry rules. Low touch administration and reporting creating an all round smooth , enjoyable travel experience putting you in the right mind frame for business.

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