Homepage FAQs

What Is Corporate Travel Management?

Corporate travel management is a service where a company hands over the control of its strategic approach to travel to an external agency.

How Does Travel Management Work?

An external travel management agency will organise the day to day travel services for their client, including vendor negotiations, safety and security, booking hotels and airlines, as well as controlling expenses for company credit cards, amongst many other services.

At Uniglobe, once you have signed up for our services, one of our Business Development Managers will be in touch and will meet with you to discuss your business’s current travel model.

After analysing your business’s travel spend, trip patterns and travel requirements, they will come up with a list of recommendations as to how you could improve your business’s strategy for travel. Focusing specifically on spend management, cost savings and also suggesting any new technology you could implement into your business’s model.

Do I Get To See Reports?

As part of Uniglobe’s travel management services, every client is provided a suite of customisable reports to help boost their efficiency, customer satisfaction rating and reduce their overall costs; this platform is called UT Reports.

These reports give clients a real time view of how their new business’s travel model is performing, detailing everything from their overall travel spending, to any savings that they may have missed out on.

UT Reports are completely browser based, meaning there’s no need to install any new software to access them and that the platform can be viewed from anywhere.

How Much Time Will I Save?

The amount of pressures and stresses business owners find themselves under in today’s economic climate is immense and at Uniglobe, we understand just how precious your time really is.

By utilising a travel management service, you can leave all the time consuming constraints that surround organising a business trip to us.

We’ll use our broad network of travel agencies and suppliers around the world to find you the most time efficient booking service, so you can focus on the domestic and core growth of your business.

What’s more, at Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we offer out of hours assistance, so you can contact a member of our expert team, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What Is Needed In Setting Up An Account With A Travel Management Agency?

When setting up an account with a travel management agency, you will only need a few pieces of crucial information.

These include:

  • Your current cost management strategies
  • Your current travel policy
  • Any patterns your business tends to follow when travelling
  • Supplier policies

Using this information, a travel management agency will be able to draw up a new business travel model.

How Many People Will I Be Dealing With?

You will only be dealing with one member of our development team, right from the beginning of your journey with Uniglobe to the very end, allowing you to benefit from a highly personalised service at all times.

Starting at the introductory meeting where you will discuss your travel needs with one of our development team, that same team member will then present you with a bespoke proposal for your business’s travel model based on the notes from your initial meeting.

Then once you’ve both agreed on the strategy, they will liaise with the operations team to implement the new model and provided you’re happy, move ahead with executing the corporate travel management.