What Is A Corporate Traveller?

Business travel has existed for centuries, since the earliest trade routes between cities. However, there has been rapid change over the years for the corporate travelling industry, with the introduction of web-based researching tools, new booking options, and innovative self-booking tools. With all of these changes, the corporate traveller has also adapted and continues to change with the travelling landscape.

The modern business traveller in the UK could take a corporate trip for a variety of reasons, such as networking, for meetings, to check conditions, or to visit an office in another location. Typically, the 21st century corporate traveller can span across age ranges, but it is becoming more common to see younger, more tech-savvy travellers as the world of business travelling evolves. These new business travellers tend to have grown up within the internet era, so have learned and developed as technology has advanced around them. Their concept of corporate travel is helping to shape the future of travel.

What Are The Needs Of A Business Traveller In The UK?

Every corporate traveller is different and depending on the type of business trip they are taking, their needs vary. However, the one element that is consistent across these travellers is that they are often weary, taking long flights to reach their next location, and can be away from their families for extended periods of time. With that in mind, there are a few requirements that could be essential to any corporate traveller in the UK.


Corporate travellers need to stay connected whilst on the go, whether it is to get extra work done when travelling or to catch up on emails. Fast, readily accessible internet connection is essential for any modern day business traveller, so securing accommodation and transport options that provide this is key.


Similar to those travelling for pleasure, business travellers also appreciate value for money, but this does not necessarily translate to wanting the lowest price. The modern business traveller in the UK is looking for service providers who can add value to their existing offerings, such as extra legroom, additional amenities, and other useful services.


For a busy executive, time truly is of the essence, so corporate travellers need convenience on their business trips. Whether it is the ability to skip queues, self check in, or quickly log on to complete some work, they will always appreciate being able to save time.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The modern corporate traveller in the UK can be weary from days on the road or carrying out their work from a new location, so a comfortable bed is an absolute must. It is essential that you take the time to find appropriate accommodation that offers a quiet, restful night.

Loyalty Schemes

Business travellers and the company who book on their behalf appreciate loyalty schemes to reward their repeat patronage, particularly if they make the same trip several times in their career. Whether frequent flyer schemes or corporate rates for company accounts, appreciating custom through such schemes or bonus offers is important.

How Can A TMC Help Corporate Travellers?

A TMC, such as Uniglobe Gemini Travel, will help to remove the stress of organising corporate business travel, including finding travel policies at the best rates, hiring transportation, and booking accommodation. No matter the size of your business, a TMC will personalise their offerings to suit your business and the needs of your travellers to make the process as efficient as possible.

Not only can a TMC take out all the hassle of organising and booking your trips, they may also offer:

  • Lower fares – many TMCs have exclusive access to better prices on flights and hotels on both a local and global scale. These prices may not be accessible to businesses otherwise, so you could make significant savings.
  • Expense tracking – your costs will be managed by a single source, so your TMC will be able to send reports on your business travel costs, helping you to effectively manage your budgets.
  • Travel policies – the cooperation and wellbeing of your business traveller in the UK is a necessity, so a TMC will cover all of the essential ground to establish sufficient policies for all travellers. Ensuring that travel policies are in place will mean that all those involved will understand what is acceptable on the trip and to avoid miscommunication.
  • Professional insight – TMCs have a high level of knowledge within the business travelling industry, so they will be on hand to recommend the best solutions to save both time and money.

At Uniglobe Gemini Travel, our combination of global partners and experienced team members make us a leading TMC, so you can get the stress-free service you deserve. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more and see how we can help with your corporate travellers.

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