What is corporate travel management?

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The internet is far from short of websites providing access to any, and every, type of business travel service you may need. The importance of corporate travel management is no exception. Corporate travel management involves the management of a company’s strategic approach to travel, including vendor negotiations, daily operation of the business’ corporate travel program, safety and security in the sky, expenses and appropriate credit-card management. It is vital not to confuse corporate travel management with the work performed by a traditional Travel Agency. While these agencies do provide day-to-day travel services to corporate clients, it is corporate travel management specialists who decide on the class of service and negotiate fair rates directly with hotels and airlines.

The Benefits Of Corporate Travel Management

With the immense pressure and stress involved in today’s corporate economy, the use of corporate travel management will help your business to reach new heights. Despite what some large corporations believe, corporate travel management is vital for the successful planning and booking of a business trip, providing peace of mind and ensuring every aspect of the trip is covered.

There really is no doubt about it; business travel requires a lot of coordination. Coordination is the key to a successful business trip, which is why at Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we look into the bigger scope of corporate travel to provide you with the very best fares, whether it be flying with the most major airlines to simplified rail travel to the most bespoke corporate conference packages. Better yet, here at Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we offer out of hours of assistance, so you can contact members of our expert team 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you find yourself in an emergency, our professionals can access your travel records at ease to assist you with new reservations and bookings, as well as change existing travel arrangements. In the event you need to cancel a currently held reservation, that is no issue either! We are here to assist with any travel related requirements at any point.

Not everything goes to plan. Unfortunately, prior to or during your corporate business trip abroad, the unexpected can happen which can wreak havoc with your well-planned business trip. Corporate travel management can help to provide you with support before, during and after your trip. You will not lack information when you need it the most, and we ensure you ignore the issues that would otherwise intensify the stresses and strains that can sometimes be associated with business travel.

Planning a successful business trip doesn’t just involve seeking cost-effective travel. Depending on where in the world you are required to travel for business, you may have to complete a list of complicated forms and time-consuming paper work. Nevertheless, your Travel Manager is here to help. From ensuring each employee’s passport is up to date and valid, to ensuring each member travelling holds the applicable visa required to enter the country with ease, corporate travel management help ensures that the next time you are planning a business trip for your company, everything is covered to ensure stress-free business travel from the very start.

Additionally, and somewhat more importantly, handing over your Business Travel program to a Corporate Travel Management company like Uniglobe Gemini saves time. Time, and the efficient use of time, is crucial to many of our client’s requirements from a business travel perspective. PA’s or Travel Booker’s can take hours in researching, planning and booking business travel for their colleagues. We remove that time lag and make the entire process much more efficient. From the bookings tools and technology we implement, through to the off line support and quickly accessible negotiated rates – we remove the need for online comparisons and lengthy research.

Whether your company spends £5,000 or £5m – we are certain of the positive impact we can have upon your business travel.

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