UT Reports provides clients with immediate and easy access to travel management data, reports and analysis.We’re helping clients improve efficiency, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Our UT Reporting Tool automates the consolidation of data from multiple back office and booking systems here at Uniglobe Gemini making it unique to you. We deliver this with a suite of reports and customisable

There Whenever You Need It

Because UT Reports is a completely browser based solution, there is no need to install any software to use the system. Data can be accessed from anywhere.

The system’s modern design is PC, Mac and Mobile friendly, so as long as you are running a modern browser and you have a connection to the internet you can access your data on demand.

Presenting The Present

No more delays whilst data gets compiled, processed and turned into reports. We don’t think you should be waiting minutes, let alone hours to access your data, so expect to receive your data in seconds. UT Reports means that our clients will have a real time view of how their Business Travel is performing; from travel spend to missed savings.

Comprehensive Drill Down

A headline report can be great, but getting to grips with the details within it is much more useful for you and your clients. A comprehensive drill down into your reports means you can get much more out of it than just an overview; you get a much deeper understanding of the headline figures in real time.


Automated Data Management

Generating reports for you or your clients is time consuming; gathering the data from all the different sources, compiling and calculating, then discovering something’s not quite right and trying to fix it. With UT Reports, you don’t need to worry. The automated reporting system finds all the data and will do the calculations for you or for your clients. They can directly access reports too, so they don’t need to come through you every time they want to see facts and figures.

Customisable Dashboards

What’s the most important data for you? What’s most important for your client? Customise your dashboard so you can easily access the information that means the most to you and get a snapshot of your reports in real time.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about how our reporting technology can provide you with 100% clarity on all things travel related, please get in touch today. Call us on 01784254850, or send us an email through our online contact form.