UNIGLOBE Gemini Travel Has a New Home

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UNIGLOBE Gemini Travel Has a New Home.

We are excited to announce that our team here at UNIGLOBE Gemini has moved to a new location in Staines-Upon-Thames.

Our old office served us well, and the network of friends and colleagues in the local area is huge due to our 16 years there. But, due to our expansion and growth, the time came to move on.

Our shiny new office in Staines-Upon-Thames is just fantastic and very different to where we were based in Ashford, Middlesex.

Uniglobegemini new officeUniglobegemini inside office

While we were happy with our previous offices, we had several motivating factors to make a move:

  1. Space. While our office in Ashford was based on three floors, it was still very tight on free work space believe it or not. Our hardworking Reservations Team were pretty crunched together on small desks and the Commercial Team upstairs, were in the same boat. Our new office provides a bespoke, tailored work space that, in collaboration with our Directors and a local office design team (Metric Office Furniture & Interiors) we have put together a light and productive office for the wider UNIGLOBE Gemini team.
  1. Location. Being located on the high-street in Ashford, Middlesex may seem like a perfect place to be for a Travel Management Company. And although we have a Leisure division, the core of our business is Corporate Travel. So, moving to a fairly densely populated business district as Staines-Upon-Thames, it provides more opportunities for our clients to swing by for technology training and enables easy transport links for Commercial meetings day to day.
  1. Client and Talent Acquisition. In having a spacious new office, with more workspace, this creates more opportunities to continue the level of growth we’ve been witnessing over the last 6 months – growth from a new business perspective, but also in talent acquisition. In acquiring new accounts, there will be opportunities to place talented and experienced travel professionals to help manage this new influx of business. The options are endless for new business and the management of this new business.

We are extremely excited about the new office and the opportunities it will bring. We’ve had an amazing 16 years in Ashford, but our new location is Staines-Upon-Thames is going to be a success filled adventure for years to come.

Our New Office Location is:

Elizabeth House

56-60 London Road



TW18 4HF

Leisure is still a huge part of our core business, and we are still eager to see you for holiday consultations / bookings. Please call 01784 254 850 or email clairefalco@uniglobegemini.co.uk to arrange an appointment where we’ll discuss all your holiday needs
Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding Business Travel Management – please email our Commercial Team on sales@uniglobegemini.co.uk to fix a good time for a coffee

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