Corporate Travel Risk Management Solutions

Now more than ever before, it is essential to assess the risks involved in your corporate business travel. This does not just refer to extreme events, but also to planning for the more common risks that could disrupt any assignments, whether they are domestic or overseas. This could include stolen personal documents or illness, to much larger issues, such as life-threatening accidents or attacks. However, Uniglobe Gemini Travel are here to help, and we offer several risk management solutions to keep your business travellers safe.

What Is Travel Risk Management & Why Is It Important?

Whether your executives are travelling nationally or internationally, travel risk management is needed to protect them from both the everyday and extreme risks. This should be a comprehensive approach to ensure that your employees can travel in safety and with confidence, knowing that you have taken the time to put measures in place for protection.

Despite the growth in virtual meetings over the last few years, the need for business travel remains and will continue to evolve over time. In turn, this means that putting a travel risk management solution in place is key to maintain the wellbeing of your employees, and reinforce the future of corporate travel within your business. Today’s interconnected world and global economy means that increasing numbers of employees will continue to travel across the country and overseas, so assessing risks is crucial.

How Can A TMC Help With Travel Risk Management?

There are many moving parts to consider when putting together a risk management solution, such as the place or country that your employees are travelling to, crime rates, events that could trigger a reaction, and transportation. However, by using a TMC and their travel risk management tools, you could save yourself a lot of stress, and feel confident in knowing that all bases are being thoroughly covered.

At Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we offer a variety of technology to help keep your employees safe, as well as initial risk management solutions during the planning process. For example, with the UT Travel Manager, the technology will work behind the scenes to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly. It interacts with our global distribution system and can be customised to integrate with other technology providers, so it is an essential part of our offering.

We also provide a UT Mobile service, which can be especially handy to incorporate into your travel risk management. With this offering, your employees will be in touch with us at all times, able to view their itinerary, and have control over what is booked with policy compliance. There is also the travel enquiry function, which allows users to receive information about alternative trip options and routes if there is an issue.

Find The Right TMC With Risk Management Solutions For You

When it comes to keeping your employees safe, finding a suitable TMC with exceptional travel risk management tools becomes paramount. During your initial discussions with potential TMCs, gaining an idea of their risk management solutions and connected offerings will allow you to compare these with your own budget and level of travelling to establish whether the partnership will be beneficial. You should aim to find a TMC that can provide monitoring, effective risk assessments, and reporting to give you the best coverage possible.

At Uniglobe Gemini Travel, our combination of global partners and experienced team members make us a leading TMC, so you can get the stress-free service you deserve, whether you need help with planning, booking, or travel risk management. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more and see how we can help with our risk management solutions.

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