Travel Management Systems – What Are They?

By 1st June 2018Articles

When it comes to arranging a single trip or a series of trips for a business executive, ensuring that the itinerary covers even the finest of details is imperative. A travel management system can allow better management of all details in one place, including reservations, tickets, and the itinerary itself. Once the trip is complete, or even during the trip, an effective travel management system can also provide high standards of reporting in order to ensure that all costings are accurately divulged, in order to help improve efficiencies when it comes to money management and budgets in the business. At Uniglobe, we utilise the quality control-system UT Travel Manager, which can help to ensure that all reservations are complete and accurate at all times.

A travel management system is comprised of a number of parts including:

Quality Control Aspects – Reservation validation and file finishing in order to ensure accuracy and minimise human error.

Ticketing Components – 24/7 reservations processing tool which remains free from fees and charges, and tickets all online reservations made through the system.

Itinerary Delivery – Customised and branded itineraries are created, tailored to your exact requirements.

Virtual Card Integration – Integrated payment network where virtual cards can be requested within your workflow.

Trip Improvement Component – Combination of fare checkers, seat checkers and waitlist checkers to improve the overall quality of the trip.

Reservation Management – All business processes can be refined with the reservation management component of the UT Travel Manager.


The benefits of a travel management system

There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to travel management systems. Firstly, you are able to utilise them to accurately predict and report on corporate travel costs, further helping to forecast future budgets. In addition to this, a corporate travel management system is able to effectively save time for a business, particularly if business executives regularly travel on company expenses. All trips can be scheduled and booked in one simple place, and with software available to provide real-time data on delays, budgeting software, and even transportation tracking where relevant, the process is even simpler to manage. Basic booking systems struggle to keep up with the demands of corporate travel, which is where an efficient travel management system such as UT Travel Manager comes in. We aim to bring the entire corporate travel process together in one simple place, so you can keep track of every aspect of the trip without any hassle or having to call a multitude of suppliers on a regular basis.

At Uniglobe, we offer truly bespoke corporate management services which can ensure that your business executive travels in a way that you see fit. The tailored services offered by our global booking solutions and travel management system allows you to make informed decisions in order to match all requirements, keep to a strict itinerary, and meet budgets at all times.

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