The role technology will play in the recovery of travel

By 24th February 2021Articles

As the travel and tourism industries have been decimated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in this sector are continuing to look at how they can effectively rebuild and re-emerge from the crisis. While the recovery process is likely to be complicated, a number of studies around consumer confidence in travel suggest that technology will play a significant role in the sector’s recovery.

Here at Uniglobe Gemini, we’re taking a closer look at the role technology will play in the recovery of travel.

Improving Consumer Confidence

One of the key areas in which travel technology will assist with the recovery of the industry is in consumer confidence. Travel technology company Amaedus commissioned a ‘Rethink Travel Global Survey’ in which 84% of travellers suggested that their confidence to travel within the next 12 months would improve with the use of technology which could assist with avoiding mixing with crowds and physical touchpoints. Some of the key areas which travellers suggested technology would improve their confidence include:

  • Mobile applications which provide on-trip notifications regarding outbreaks and government guidance changes
  • Contactless and mobile payment options
  • Biometrics systems which would assist with check-in, security and boarding without the need for physical checks
  • Universal digital traveller identification on their phone highlighting necessary documentation and immunity status.

In addition to this, the survey also highlighted that the top 5 things which travellers would most like technology to assist them with are:

  1. 38% would like technology to reduce queues and congestions within public spaces
  2. 31% would like technology to assist with minimising in-person contact
  3. 31% would like technology to protect financial data and personal information when travelling
  4. 29% would like technology to notify them in advance when there is a delay
  5. 28% would like technology to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of national test, track and trace systems.

As we can see from this research, the impact that travel technology can have on consumer confidence is great, and it is this consumer confidence which will assist with the recovery and growth of the sector.


The Recovery Of Business Travel

While many businesses have adapted to virtual communications and telecommuting as a result of their adaptations to quarantine measures, there are some questions about the requirements for business travel post COVID-19. Nevertheless, it is travel technology which will continue to grow the demand for this travel type, as businesses continue to rely on in-person contact to assist with their growth and day-to-day operations.

A key area which is likely to be further incorporated into the recovery of business travel will be through advanced software applications which harness the power of machine learning and Big Data. This software will likely assist with the effective management of corporate travel policies, cater for increased demands for duty of care and closely monitor travel spend.

It is this increased use of technology which will grow the business travel sector post-COVID and beyond.

How Uniglobe Gemini Can Help

At Uniglobe Gemini, we remain at the forefront of modern travel technology solutions. Through the use of our powerful online booking tool, UT Online, you are able to centralise your online corporate travel in one place.

With the ability to save time and money, with simple customisation opportunities and report functionalities, businesses can continue to travel across the globe knowing their travel management is well-handled, all in one place.

As the world continues to adapt to the everchanging circumstances of the pandemic, the spotlight will continue to shine on the travel sector as it begins to recover and grow post-COVID.

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