Travel Management For Football Teams

Continental travel is part of the blueprint for a wide selection of football teams competing around the world. Making sure you have everything in place to ensure a smooth and easy experience can be achieved with ease using Uniglobe Gemini Travel.

We have the credentials in place to guarantee optimum levels of the organisation to make any fears of poor travel management for football teams a thing of the past. Using our service will enhance the enjoyment of playing abroad and give you the platform needed to conquer the globe.

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What Can We Cover?

When it comes to travel management for football teams, we have everything you could possibly need to ensure you are fully covered whilst competing away from home. We are able to cover a wide selection of football-related parameters to give you a true all-around package.

We will ensure you have everything in place for international travel to any part of the world, as well as travel within the UK. No matter what level you are competing at, we will have everything in place for any preseason games, as well as both league and cup matches throughout the season.

Football teams are much more than the players competing on the pitch – that’s why we are also able to provide travel for any directors and important board members that are associated with the club too. Have everyone at the match on time and in comfort with extra piece of mind by booking your travel through Uniglobe Gemini.

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What’s Involved?

There are a plethora of benefits for choosing Uniglobe Gemini travel to organise your travel management for football teams. We will be able to provide reporting for any travel, allowing us to monitor and then relay any travel costs to your team. This service is easily accessible on demand or can be provided on a scheduled delivery. Once this has been put in place, you will have access to real-time spending data to ensure you are maximising your budget and getting the most out of your travel and our management.

As well as reporting, there is also a spend analysis report in place. This will make sure that we can work together in maximising the amount of money being spent even further within the lines of your desired budget. Our team will undertake the necessary negotiations with any prospective airlines, hotels and car rentals to ensure we find the right deal and reduce your spend with group discounted bookings. There will be help and support available throughout the entirety of your time using our service. You will be able to reach any of our fully trained agents at any time via phone or email, during and after your trip to ensure you are being given the right options at the right time.


We operate within a streamlined capacity to make sure that we can dedicate as much time as possible to the service we are providing you. Using automated quality control, we will be utilising the very best technology available to ensure we find the best prices to suit your own specific needs.

Uniglobe Gemini travel will give you full control over the service we provide. Simply let us know what you want, and then if you are in need of further assistance during the booking stages, we have a team of consultants who are always on hand to offer support at any time.

Every member of your football team will have a full profile to ensure our service is efficient at all times. You will be able to access each account any time to make any necessary adjustments to bookings you have made.

Playing football abroad will mean having a passport and in some cases putting a Visa in place. However, we have a partnership with CIBT to guarantee that there is enough expertise to get any relevant documentation in place before you travel. This means difficult last-minute requests can be achieved much more easily than if you were attempting this by yourself.

When you are visiting other countries around the world, there is a chance that accidents could occur to any member of your team. That’s why we will endeavour to educate each traveller to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge to remain safe and secure whilst they are abroad while putting into place the relevant security and safety cover to provide protection and support in case of the worst case scenario.

Now is the perfect time to plan the season ahead and put in place our proven football travel management. For more information, you can contact any of our trained professionals on our Contact Page or by calling 44-207-7029991, today.