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If you want to organise travel for your sports team, then look no further than Uniglobe Gemini Travel. Offering a wide variety of sport travel management services, we’ll take control of your club’s day to day travel, meaning you can focus on what you’re best at, running a sports team.

We’ll organise the hotels and flights for each player and member of staff, as well as controlling their expenses and ensuring that they are safe and secure throughout their entire journey.

What’s more, by using Uniglobe you’ll have access to our sophisticated network of travel agencies and suppliers from around the world, as well as exclusive reporting software to ensure that your trip is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

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What Can We Cover?

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International Travel

As we’ve already mentioned, Uniglobe Gemini Travel offers the strength of a global network, meaning we can help you travel to anywhere internationally, thanks to our comprehensive list of contacts in each and every major country across the world.

Belonging to such a global organisation means we can provide the best possible luxury sports travel management, no matter the country you decide to travel to. If you’d like to find out more about our international connections, get in touch with a member of our team, here.

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In Country Travel

Uniglobe Gemini Travel also provides a number of sport travel management services across the British Isles.

We’ll organise your modes of transport, whether they be train tickets, car rentals, coaches, bus services or cabs for you. As well as booking your accommodation in, England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, so your players can stay in luxury the day before match day.

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Football, Cricket, Rugby And More

We offer Sport Travel Management for a variety of sporting outfits, including football teams, cricket teams and rugby teams to name a few. To find the full list of sports we supply travel management services for, get in touch today.

At Uniglobe, we understand just how precious your time really is and by using our Sport Travel Management service, you can leave all the time consuming constraints that come along with organising a sports trip to us.

Also, with every Uniglobe travel service that you’ll have access to, our exclusive rates with major airlines, car rental companies and accommodation make for significant savings on each of our optimised routes.

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“With increasing pressures on travel budgets we sometimes question the need to use a travel agency and not just book online via one of the many websites. I cannot fault the service we receive. And recently with two flights missed on separate occasions the after hours help line has proved a life saver. This has reaffirmed why we use an agency in this competitive market. I have selected not applicable for the complaints field as I have not had to make a complaint for a very long time. Keep up the good work”

– Existing Client

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What’s Involved?

Reduce Overall Costs

Enlisting for Uniglobe’s sport travel management service means you will be able to reduce the overall cost of your team’s trip.

We will, on your behalf, negotiate hotel rates and drive revenue to our preferred suppliers. Who, in turn, will likely reward you and your squad with complimentary upgrades, lounge passes, perks like late hotel check-out and free breakfasts, as well as discounted fees for the duration of your stay.

What’s more, with the size of the group you will be travelling with, means that you will be able to qualify for tour packages, especially if you’re travelling to a resort or major city, further drilling down the overall cost of your team’s travel.

Simple Reporting

As part of Uniglobe’s sport travel management service, you will be given access to our suite of customisable reports which will have details on how you can boost your team’s travel efficiency, player satisfaction rating and reduce overall costings, called UT Reports.

This report will give you a real time view of how your sport team’s travel model is helping you to save money, including everything from overall travel spending, to any additional savings you might be able to make in the future.
What’s more, UT Reports are completely browser based, so you can access them from anywhere and won’t need to download any new software to look at them.

Constant Help And Advice

When you use Uniglobe’s Gemini Sports Travel Management service you’re never without constant help and guidance from our team.

We offer out of hours assistance, meaning you can contact Uniglobe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with any queries or worries you might have regarding your team’s travel model and we’ll be on hand to advise you.

Reduced Time And Optimised Routes

Organising group trips can be very time consuming: you have to book everyone’s flights, their accommodation and ensure that they all have the relevant documentation to enter the country – a lot of burden for one person to shoulder.

For more information on Uniglobe’s sports travel management services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, today.