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Uniglobe Gemini Travel is able to offer you exclusive rates with most major airlines.  As well as being able to access our special rates, we can negotiate on your behalf with our suppliers.  We will always advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching your desired destination.  Uniglobe Gemini uses TripCheck, a robotic “super-agent” that works 24/7 to identify the lowest fares by searching for fare decreases and continuously monitoring waitlists to ensure your travellers are first when a seat becomes available on a sold-out flight.

As we have access to an unrivalled global airfare programme, you can be certain that we can provide you with significant cost savings. When flights make up the largest proportion of a corporate travel budget, saving time and money is imperative. That’s where the team here at Uniglobe Gemini can help. No matter your requirements, or the location you need to travel to, our team can provide you with a solution.

Whether you have a preferred airline, specific class or any individual requirements which you need catered for, the Uniglobe Gemini Travel team are well-versed in providing valuable flight management solutions which remain flexible for all needs. Our innovative technology provides a range of reporting options to ensure that you are able to effectively manage your business costs while also arranging itineraries to ensure everything remains streamlined.

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Our process with your company begins well before the first booking. Our account management team will meet with you to understand your business needs and culture, and work with you to develop or refine a corporate travel policy specifically for your company.


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Why Choose Uniglobe Gemini Travel As Your Flight Manager?

At Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we are highly experienced in providing flight management services for businesses of all sizes, in a broad range of sectors. With us, you can benefit from:

Significant Cost Savings

Our expert team can provide you with the cheapest and most convenient flights whether you’re travelling halfway around the world, or on a short-haul flight for a quick trip.

Innovative Technology

As a result of our strategic partnerships, we offer bespoke booking tools and some of the most innovative technologies to ensure the entire process remains simple and streamlined.

Comprehensive Reporting & Management

As part of our range of technology, we are able to offer comprehensive reporting, providing you with access to travel management data to further improve your corporate travel efficiencies.

Access To Your Preferred Airlines

We have built up a large portfolio of relationships over the years, to help ensure that you have access to your preferred airlines and the class option of your choice.

Web-Based Reservation Management

When it comes to booking your flights, reserving seats or managing your itinerary, you have access to our platform 24/7 via the web.

For more information regarding our flight management services and how we can help to provide your business with cost-savings, get in touch with a member of our team today.