Event Travel Management

Here at Uniglobe Gemini Travel, we understand that the difference between a successful event and a disappointing one lays in a small margin, thus leaving very little room for error. It is for this reason that we offer event travel management services to help reduce the pressures faced by so many business owners. 

Our team of well-connected, experienced and, most importantly, diligent travel experts will do their utmost to provide you with your dream corporate event. Using their extensive network of conference partners, they’ll be able to book the best venue, arrange the most delicious catering and ensure that all travel is covered to make the event experience the best it can possibly be. 

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What Can We Cover?


As we’ve already mentioned, Uniglobe Gemini Travel offers the strength of a global network of conference partners. We can help you to travel to any business event pretty much anywhere in the world, thanks to our comprehensive list of international contacts. 
Belonging to such a global organisation means that we can provide the best possible event travel management no matter the country you need to reach.  

Multiple Day Events

With an abundance of resources, Uniglobe Gemini Travel can offer event travel management services for multiple day events and conferences and cover everything from the travel, to accommodation. This means that organising your event or your delegate’s schedule for consecutive days is made simple. To find out more about how our team can help, you can contact our experts with ease.

In Country Travel

Uniglobe Gemini Travel also provides a number of Event Travel Management services based in and across the British Isles. We’ll organise your modes of transport, whether through train tickets, car rentals, coaches, bus services or cabs for all guests. We are also able to book your accommodation in England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland, so all attendees can stay in luxury.

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What’s Involved?

Reduced Overall Costs

By opting for Uniglobe Gemini Travel’s event travel management, we’ll implement cost-effective strategies, so that we can reduce your business’s overall outgoings for the event. We’ll do this by:

  • Assessing your current cost-management strategies
  • Establishing direct and indirect cost and time-saving procedures
  • Monitoring supplier policies to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Identifying missed money saving opportunities
  • You will be given access to extensive reporting tools, giving you the means to make better decisions

Simple Reporting

As seen above, you will be given access to our suite of customisable reporting tools which will help you to evaluate efficiency, attendee satisfaction rating and give you tips as to how you can reduce its overall cost, called UT Reports.

These reports will give you a real-time view of how you could save money on your event, including everything from overall spending to any additional savings you might be able to make in the future. What’s more, they are completely browser-based, so you can access Uniglobe’s UT Reports from anywhere.

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Constant Help And Advice

The Uniglobe Gemini Emergency line means you can receive immediate assistance, no matter the time. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, this service is available for every employee whose company has enlisted for Uniglobe’s event travel management services.

Our specialist team on the other end of the line will be able to access your entire event travel records and amend them according to your requests. Whether you want new hotel reservations or need assistance booking a different venue, they’ll be on hand for any event travel related requirements.

Reduced Time And Optimised Routes

By using Uniglobe’s event travel management, you’ll be able to focus on the core running of your business and leave the organising to us.

We’ll handle everything from attendee’s transfers to and from the airport to departures and arrivals, ensuring all of the timings are correct and that any delays or problems are accounted for, so that every delegate can arrive at the event on time.

We’ll take into account any weather warnings, so that alternative optimised routes can be mapped out, in the case of an attendee’s original planned journey not being completed so that they can still make the event.

At Uniglobe, we pride ourselves on delivering a consistent and focused event travel management solution for every business. For more information on Uniglobe’s event travel management services, get in touch with us, today.