It’s a question many small and mid-sized companies often ask; with only a handful of employees who regularly travel on business, is a travel policy really necessary? The answer is a firm YES! Even with as few as five employees hitting the road or taking to flight throughout the year, a travel policy provides the kind of cost savings and travel expense control that can make a significant financial impact. Studies across the industry consistently show that by implementing a travel policy and getting their travellers on the same page. Here, in order of greatest savings, are the areas in which a customized program can make the most difference to your bottom line:

Negotiated Hotel Rates

By spreading your travel budget among a wide number of suppliers, you lose the opportunity to negotiate discounts and reap the benefits that naturally accrue when you establish corporate loyalty to a few vendors. By instituting a travel policy, you can drive revenue to preferred suppliers who, in turn, will reward your travellers with complimentary upgrades, lounge passes and other perks such as late hotel check-out or free continental breakfast.

Advance Airfare Discounts

An effective corporate travel policy that insists on a pre-travel approval process will consistently save you money on the entire trip, not just the airfare. Business travel using tour packages offered in resort and big city locations, for example, can cost much less than traditional, separate purchases of air tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars, particularly when booked in advance.

Car Rentals and Insurance

Are you putting the volume and pattern of your employees’ travel to the best advantage? You could also be missing out on up-front savings with your rental car company of choice.

Another major advantage in adopting a corporate travel policy is your ability to capture comprehensive spending data. If you can’t accurately track expenditures, your travel spending can spiral out of control. Working within set guidelines, booking trips using a customized booking tool or by calling their UNIGLOBE agency, employees are automatically participating in a sophisticated reporting system.

No one knows the corporate culture and unique travel requirements of your company better than you. Put that knowledge to use! Contact Uniglobe and request a policy consultation. We can evaluate your current travel expenditures and design a realistic, effective policy that consolidates your travel expenses, gives you more control of your budget, saves you money and increases your negotiating power.

Guy iconConsultation on building travel budgets

Meeting iconWorking together to implement your travel procedures

EnsurHands iconing your organisation’s Duty of Care is followed

Guy iconCrisis management and dealing with worst case scenarios

Meeting iconDamage limitation procedures.

Hands iconInsurance and cost management advice

Meeting iconHealth and safety advice for travel in different parts of the world

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