Corporate Travel Management

Nowadays, we come to expect the very best out of our travel experiences, particularly when it comes to flexibility and changes for business requirements. As a business owner organising travel for either yourself or clients there is no reason not to expect better fares as well as outstanding customer service, using the latest technologies to save you time, money and trouble when using a business travel management service.

At Uniglobe Gemini, we make accessing the tools you need fast, easy and seamless—online or e-mail, in person or over the phone. Take control or leave the details to us: we stand behind every reservation. At Uniglobe Gemini we understand your travel needs, and we implement a service solution that exceeds your expectations when looking for an efficient corporate travel management solution.

1. The Process

2. Our Business Travel Services

3. The Benefits Of Global Business Travel

4. International Business Travel

5. Cost Management

6. Value Of A Travel Policy

7. International Travel Health & Safety Advice

8. How Can We Help?

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Want to find out more?

Our process with your company begins well before the first booking. Our account management team will meet with you to understand your business needs and culture, and work with you to develop or refine a corporate travel policy specifically for your company.

To find out more about our corporate travel services, and what we can do to help your business, please get in touch with our travel consultants today. You can call us on 01784 254 850, or send us an email at or by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page

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The Process

We are a locally based business – we live and work in the community we serve and you can put a face to our name allowing us to provide a high-quality service as quickly as possible to everyone we do business with. We have multiple years of experience as a corporate travel management agency allowing you to rest assured that our corporate travel management solutions are a simple and cost-effective way that to ensure that you have stress free travel regardless of the location.

 The process we follow is different for each and every client; being flexible allows us to deliver the very best travel management proposal. This is all centred around the client’s needs and wants and ensure that our travel solutions are up to scratch.

A meeting with our Business Development team will give you the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail over a coffee. We then set about providing you with a proposal that is most relevant to these requirements with everything from flights to accommodation and transfers.


The Coffee

Meeting with our Development Team is at the beginning of our journey together. It is here, that we will find out your needs and wants from a travel management perspective such as itinerary and other crucial information. Understanding this fully, will not only give us a great insight into your administrative requirements, but it will also help us gather key information and preferences.


The Proposal

After meeting with you, one of our Development Team will put together a bespoke commercial and product proposal to ensure that your needs and wants are met at every point throughout your trip. Everything is based on the content discussed in the initial meeting, making it extremely relevant to you and your business. This is crucial for businesses with a large number of people travelling at once as this allows you to keep track of the itinerary of each business trip for ultimate efficiency.


The Agreement

Once our proposal has been sent, we will, of course, be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have at that early stage. Ideally, our Development Team will be there to consult with you every step of the way. We then move to an agreement in principle from both sides and move forward to the Introduction stage. This is when changes can be altered and any issues that are present can be addressed without issues.



This is where you get to meet our engine, the place that makes us tick. Each and every team member in the Operations Team has extensive experience in Business Travel Management and are on hand to make sure that your trip is a success. You will meet with our Head of Operations to discuss and plan the next steps and it’ll also give you a great opportunity to meet the people who’ll be looking after your business travel and ensure that the needs and wants of your company are met.

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The Happy Client

As a booking client, you’ll now benefit from the service and standards we deliver day in day out to our entire portfolio of clients. This opens up a booking approach to suit you (online vs offline), regular client reviews and a technologically minded approach to Business Travel Management ensuring efficiency at all times without open communication at every stage.

Our Business Travel Services

Uniglobe Gemini Travel is able to offer you exclusive rates with most major airlines.  As well as being able to access our special rates, we can negotiate on your behalf with our suppliers to find the best possible deal for your business travel. We will always advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching your desired destination. Uniglobe Gemini uses TripCheck, a robotic “super-agent” that works 24/7 to identify the lowest fares by searching for fare decreases and continuously monitoring waitlists to ensure your travellers are first when a seat becomes available on a sold-out flight.

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Travel Arrangements

Finding the right business travel services for your company doesn’t have to be a long-winded process. At Uniglobe, we understand the pressures of obtaining accurate international business travel options for corporate individuals, while still being able to meet the budget. There are numerous things to consider as part of the travel arrangements, including transfers to and from the airport, the initial departure and arrivals, ensuring all of the timings are correct, any delays or problems are accounted for, and much more.

As part of the role of arranging global business travel, the destination is often unaccounted for due to this being scheduled in advance of the travel arrangements.

As a result, knowing the area that each particular executive is travelling to, any visa requirements, and any safety concerns which need to be considered is vital in order to ensure a smooth transition when arranging global business travel.

In order to make the entire process of arranging international business travel easier, you are able to liaise with a Travel Manager when using our Uniglobe travel management service. We are able to provide you with as much information as required prior to the trip taking place. One of the key areas which our team can aid you with as part of our business travel services is obtaining the correct visa and travel documents for each of your executives.

Getting a visa can be a very complicated process and your Travel Manager is here to help. Our preferred partner is Blair Consular Services Ltd and by working alongside them, we can offer you the expertise to know precisely what is required to get you the document you need. Visiting a consulate or government agency often means standing in long lines or having to deal with limited hours of operation. Blair UK have over 4 decades of experience and are ideally located close by in Ashford, Middlesex, to make the entire process much more seamless. This outstanding partnership allows us to get the documents that you need, to you as quickly as possible to help your business trip go ahead completely uninterrupted

We will make sure we inform you when your traveller’s passport is due to expire and will assist you with the renewal, and sure your passport is delivered to your address quickly.

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Our Out Of Hours Assistance

The Uniglobe Gemini Emergency Line is a 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day travel service for Uniglobe Gemini clients who need emergency assistance after normal core business hours. This service is available to all travellers whose companies have a business travel account with us.

Access details are provided at the time your account is activated.

Our specialists are able to retrieve your travel records and assist with new airline, car, and hotel reservations; change existing travel reservations; cancel currently held reservations; arrange for ticketing as necessary, and assist with any travel related requirements.

Please note this service should only be used if travel is within 4 days or in serious cases within this time frame. Where possible please contact us during normal office hours. 01784 254850

Details are included on all itineraries.

Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30-1800

The benefits of global business travel

There are numerous benefits to arranging global business travel with help from a Travel Manager, but the key is organisation. With our help, all of your documentation, travel arrangements, departure plans, arrival schedules and much more will all be included as part of the service that we provide.

If your executive has strict deadlines to adhere to as part of their international business travel, such as business meetings conferences, speeches, dinners, networking events etc. Some of these are unable to be moved, therefore ensuring that the executive is on time is paramount. As part of our role here at Uniglobe, we will ensure that any weather warnings are taken into consideration, and alternative routes are mapped out in the event that a flight or initial journey plan is unable to take place.

We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to our business travel services here at Uniglobe, and whether you regularly arrange travel plans, or this is the first time you have been required to do so, our expert services can provide you with the support that you need when arranging international business travel.

Business travel on an international level

With so many destinations in the world, business travel on an international level isn’t always as simple as arranging a flight and booking a hotel. In some cases, business executives may require travel to dangerous locations, those on the brink of civil war, or even those currently engaged in a political dispute. Ensuring the ultimate safety of those who are travelling is paramount and is a key feature of what we offer.

All travel arrangements are managed accurately, with all green, amber and red locations taken into consideration. We keep up with all government updates and also keep a close eye on the ground in all countries in order to ensure we know the exact socio-political status at all times. In addition to this, we will provide you with a high-quality service to ensure that all of your questions and queries are answered to the best of our abilities, as soon as you need us. In fact, we offer our clients out of hours assistance to ensure that we are available in any emergency situation to provide you with advice and solutions as quickly as possible.

The Uniglobe Gemini Emergency Line is a 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day travel service for Uniglobe Gemini clients who need emergency assistance after normal core business hours. This service is available to all travellers whose companies have a business travel account with us.

Our specialists are able to retrieve your travel records and assist with new airline, car, and hotel reservations; change existing travel reservations; cancel currently held reservations; arrange for ticketing as necessary, and assist with any travel related requirements.

Please note this service should only be used if travel is within 4 days. Where possible please contact us during normal office hours on 01784 254850.

Details are included on all itineraries that you will receive in the days leading up to your travel.

At Uniglobe, we pride ourselves on delivering all sized businesses, with all sized budgets, a consistent and focused international business travel solution. Some of the services that we provide include flights, rail, car hire, hotels, events, meetings, conferences, visa and passports, and more. With unparalleled and innovative service, choose Uniglobe today.

To find out more about the services that we provide here at Uniglobe, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

Cost Management

At Uniglobe, our longstanding relationships with suppliers at the local, national and international level means you have access to the best corporate discounts and most responsive service.

We monitor spending per-trip and by supplier enabling better negotiation and consolidation of travel purchases. We analyse your travel program’s effectiveness and ensure policy compliance. We suggest an overall savings strategy to help your company keep its travel costs in line. Quick access to real-time data means you always have the tools to make the best business decisions.

We offer unparalleled accountability for all aspects of your travel program, backed by our global network with an annual sales volume exceeding £3.5 billion. We have the means, purchasing muscle and the clout to offer real and tangible savings for your organization.

We can offer exceptional opportunities to save by:

  • Evaluating your current cost-management strategies
  • Identifying missed savings opportunities
  • Overseeing implementation of travel policy, compliance, adjustment, focused spending, consolidation of travel purchases and preferred vendor selection
  • Reviewing and predicting travel patterns
  • Establishing direct and indirect cost-and-time saving procedures
  • Monitoring supplier policies to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Negotiating and enrolling your company in small business rewards programs
  • Using our end-to-end travel management system, you have access to extensive reporting tools, giving you the means to make better decisions.

Value of a Travel Policy

It’s a question many small and mid-sized companies often ask; with only a handful of employees who regularly travel on business, is a travel policy really necessary? The answer is YES! Even with as few as five employees hitting the road or taking flight throughout the year, a travel policy provides the kind of cost savings and travel expense control that can make a significant financial impact.

Studies across the industry consistently show that by implementing a travel policy and getting their travellers on the same page your business can save both time and money. Here, are the areas in which a customized program can make the most difference to your bottom line:

Negotiated Hotel Rates

By spreading your travel budget among a wide number of suppliers, you lose the opportunity to negotiate discounts and reap the benefits that naturally accrue when you establish corporate loyalty to a few vendors.

By instituting a travel policy, you can drive revenue to preferred suppliers who, in turn, will reward your travellers with complimentary upgrades, lounge passes and other perks such as late hotel check-out or free continental breakfast.

Advance Airfare Discounts

An effective corporate travel policy that insists on a pre-travel approval process will consistently save you money on the entire trip, not just the airfare. Business travel using tour packages offered in resort and big city locations, for example, can cost much less than traditional, separate purchases of air tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars, particularly when booked in advance.

Car Rentals and Insurance

Are you putting the volume and pattern of your employees’ travel to the best advantage? You could also be missing out on up-front savings with your chosen rental car company.

Another major advantage of adopting a corporate travel policy is your ability to capture comprehensive spending data. If you can’t accurately track expenditures, your travel spending can spiral out of control.

Working within set guidelines, booking trips using a customized booking tool or by calling their UNIGLOBE agency, employees are automatically participating in a sophisticated reporting system.

No one knows the corporate culture and unique travel requirements of your company better than you.

Put that knowledge to use! Contact Uniglobe and request a policy consultation. We can evaluate your current travel expenditures and design a realistic, effective policy that consolidates your travel expenses, gives you more control of your budget, saves you money and increases your negotiating power.

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Consultation on building travel budgets
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Working together to implement your travel procedures
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Ensuring your organisation’s Duty of Care is followed
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Damage limitation procedures and processes
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Insurance and cost management advice
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Crisis management and dealing with worst-case scenarios

International Travel Health & Safety Advice

As part of our corporate travel management services here at Uniglobe, we offer health and safety advice to all destinations around the world. We assess all the risks for you, from the safety of you as an individual to the safety of your company. We understand the stresses of international travel and ensure that your safety remains at the forefront of our services. We analyse all types of risks, including terrorism, natural disasters, political unrest and more. Choose Uniglobe as your corporate business travel solution.

How Can We Help?

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high-quality corporate travel management solutions with comfort in mind. With your full itinerary in no time at all, as well as travel and transfers organised in advance, you can do all the travel that you want without having to worry. Your transport and accommodation will be planned with the most in-depth planning to ensure that you are on time for every important meeting with time allotted for unexpected traffic and delays in flights.

For more information on our corporate travel management solutions and how we can help you to achieve the very best of business travel management, get in touch. We are more than happy to help you achieve a high-quality business trip, without the stress so you can get the most out of your corporate travel management service that we provide.