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As one of the most well respected and trusted business travel agents UK, we understand and appreciate that the relationship between an agent such as us, and a company such as yours, must be built on trust and that ultimately, the proof of our commitment is in the quality of our work. That is why we always aim to deliver the best possible service to every single one of our clients, irrespective of the size of your company or the industry from within which you operate. We can arrange exclusive events and activities alongside everything that you would expect from a reputable and well-regarded business travel agent UK. As experts in relationship building, we are proud of the way in which we carefully and consistently build travel arrangements and trips that keep our clients happy; we aim to exceed expectations at every single given opportunity.

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As business travel agents UK, we can save you time, energy, money and effort. You can then spend and/or expend this on capitalising on business growth and maximising your profit potential. We are tireless in our attempts to create the perfect experience for you and for your business. Our dedicated corporate travel consultants will stop at nothing to find you the very best deals and have an extensive database full of contacts that aid them and are used to supplement their own expertise. This means that they can utilise an effective network of individuals as well as leveraging their own extremely detailed knowledge regarding flights, cities, hotel rooms, activities, restaurants, and all other methods of travel, accommodation and pastimes.

business travel agents uk

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Our process with your company begins well before the first booking. Our account management team will meet with you to understand your business needs and culture, and work with you to develop or refine a corporate travel policy specifically for your company.


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Uniglobe Gemini – Your Business Travel Agent

When you use Uniglobe Gemini as your business travel agent UK you can expect a completely personalised service. This means that we will make sure to remember your specifications and the details of your travel, using these to tailor your experience even further. This not only speeds up the entire process of booking a trip (including repeat trips), travel, accommodation or a combination of all 3, but saves you time regarding the outlining of details; you only need to tell us your specific requirements once, and we will make sure that this is always remembered and used in your future trips with us. Our aim is to research, manage and book every single aspect of your trip so that it fits your needs and requirements to the letter. This includes the standard suite of activities, travel and accommodation etc, but can and does often include the more bespoke i.e. passport and visa collection, exchanging currency, boat or helicopter hire, and trips to see local theatre productions and everything in-between.

So Why Should You Choose Us As Your Business Travel Agents UK?

  • We are wholly committed to providing an exemplary service from start to finish
  • We offer a personalised service, and tailor every aspect of your trip to your specific requirements
  • Our team of business travel agents are extremely experienced in the planning of all aspects of corporate travel, utilising where necessary an extensive network of local contacts
  • We are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the planning of external and cultural events, catering to a wide range of different tastes and likes

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